Zendesk is a beautifully simple customer service platform designed for service-based businesses such as IT companies. With Zendesk and WorkflowMax working together, your helpdesk team can input time directly from their support tickets into your time billing solution by the agents while working on a trouble ticket.

Gain Visibility

See exactly what’s going on in your business from one simple interface - from Job Costing through to your cashflow and management accounts.

Zendesk_Gain Visibility

Save Time

Eliminate double-entry: All your time-tracking data flows between WorkflowMax and Zendesk. Create your invoice with a single click and watch your data flow effortlessly through into your financial accounting system.

Zendesk_Save time

Other popular integrations


Beautiful Accounting Software. Invoices, purchases and client contacts automatically transfer to Xero from WorkflowMax.

Customer Support

Track your time from WorkflowMax against open support tickets in Freshdesk to streamline your helpdesk admin.

Plan Right
Staff Scheduling

PlanRight enables the transparent optimisation of capacity and workload for you and your staff via drag and drop functionality. Learn more about how PlanRight and WorkflowMax below.


Combine a powerful CRM and Marketing platform with WorkflowMax and get your sales and production teams talking to each other.