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25 Apps Every Engineer Should Download

25 Apps Every Engineer Should Download

A growing range of apps for engineers continue to appear on the market.

These apps are making it a whole lot easier for engineers to get their job done out in the field, giving you access to technical information at the swipe of a finger, and helping you manage engineering jobs while running a more efficient business.

To help ensure you have the right tech toolkit at your firm, we've created a list of the top 25 engineering apps for your tablet or smartphone:

Engineering tools:

  1. iEngineer - Puts all your engineering textbooks in the palm of your hand. iEngineer offers a database of screw and bolt information. It will help you understand if a bolt/screw can withstand a certain amount of force or what drill you should be using.

  2. HVAC Professional - This app features 200 formulas of the HVAC Formulator, as well as the complete International Mechanical Code. You can search, mark formulas as ‘favourites’ and also access frequently used formulas.

  3. iCircuit - An easy-to-use iPad and iPhone app for designing and experimenting with circuits. It has over 30 elements that you can use to build your circuits, and an advanced simulation engine that can handle both analog and digital circuits.

  4. LuxCalc Fluid Prop - Mechanical engineers - use this app to accurately calculate the thermophysical properties (I’m not even going to pretend that I know what that means) of common fluids found in heat transfer, just with your fingertips!

  5. Graphing Calculator - This handy app turns your iPad into a multi-function tool with a high-res function plotter, unit converter and scientific calculator.

  6. Mechanical engineer - Whether you tinker at home, you’re studying engineering or you’re a full-time mechanical engineer, this app features over 300 helpful mechanical engineering formulas and conversion formulas to help you get the job done.

  7. Engineering Professional - You will look like the ultimate engineering professional thanks to this app. It covers formulas for chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, hydrology and mechanical engineering. Engineering students, this is a particularly good reference tool to use to impress your tutors.

  8. Engineering Unit Conversion - Number crunch with ease. This comprehensive unit conversion tool makes conversion calculations easy-peasy, covering all the dimensions engineers need on a daily basis.

  9. FingerCAD - FingerCAD is a computer aided design application for technical drawing. You can draw houses, bridges, mechanical components, geometrical figures - just about anything the same way you would on your desktop.

  10. TurboViewerX - This app allows you to pan, zoom and 3D orbit around your CAD, DWG and DXF files, as well as mark-up changes and share files with contacts. Now you can play around with your drawings and documents as soon as inspiration strikes.

  11. AutoCAD 360 - The official AutoCAD app, this app lets engineers view, edit and share DWG drawings. You can annotate and revise drawings while on location in the field, in meetings or out of the office, then share your genius ideas with others.

  12. Mech Ref - Leave the textbooks at home, this app provides a reference library for everything related to mechanical engineering.

  13. Nastran Mobile - It’s likely you’ve come across Nastran to ensure your structures are strong and functional - and this is the mobile version of the application. Nastran Mobile let’s you do finite element analysis on shapes such as plates, blocks, cylinders and tubes, all through your iPad. Try that for your next party trick.

  14. Smart tools HD - Just call it the MacGyver tool for engineering. This smart tool allows you to measure distances, magnetic field, angles, slopes, sound and vibrations, as well as featuring a flashlight, GPS and magnifier. 

  15. MC Simulator - Use your iPhone or iPad as a simulation tool for statistical tolerance chain calculations using Monte Carlo Simulation - the closest app you’ll get to a crystal ball.

Business & administration tools:

  1. WorkflowMax - The mobile version of this job management software allows you to enter timesheets, access client information and add notes against jobs while you’re working out in the field.


  2. Xero Touch - Enter expense claims, reconcile bank accounts and keep check of your finances from the palm of your hand with Xero’s mobile app. The beautiful functionality makes accounting feel a lot less like hard work.

  3. Evernote - No more hunting for your scribbled notes on scrap paper. Keep all your ideas, notes and reminders in one place using note-taking software. It also allows you to upload images, links, documents and audio, share your notes with others, and set yourself reminders so you’re always on top of things.

  4. Google Drive - Access all your product information, data sheets, quotes, proposals and important documents from wherever you have an internet connection using Google Drive.

  5. Skype - Keep your mobile phone bill down by using Skype to call or video call clients and workmates. You can also use the chat function to send an instant message or file to your colleagues back at the office.

  6. Receipt Bank - It can be painful keeping hold of every little receipt, and then entering all that data before billing! Receipt Bank stores your receipts and turns them into data. Either export the data to Excel or publish it to your WorkflowMax account.

Tools to keep you entertained on your lunch break:

  1. Truss Me - If you want to practice your structure building skills in your downtime, take up the challenge using this fun app. It actually uses simulation techniques used by aerospace, mechanical and civil engineers.

  2. Link! - Use wood, steel, concrete and cables to build impressive bridges and see if they can withstand the test of locomotives hauling heavy materials. See if your engineering skills can master all 60 levels!

  3. Tinkerbox - Autodesk brings you this free physics puzzle game which allows you to build machines and inventions, and then share with other tinkering friends.

  4. LinkedIn Pulse - Connect with industry news and post your latest updates through the mobile version of professional social networking page, LinkedIn.

This is just a small selection of engineering apps available. Not all of these are free - so be sure to check the price before you hit ‘download’.

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