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6 Books By Inspiring Women To Add To Your Booklist

“A book is a treat to be savoured, and a book that can inspire us to greatness, or offer insights into better business practices” – Steff Green

You know that sinking feeling when you read a glamorous review, eagerly buy the book off Amazon and a few chapters in realise it’s a lemon? Into the graveyard of unread books it goes, gathering dust, cobwebs and disappointment.

But with the year winding down, holidays being booked and Kindle libraries being frantically searched in the hope of finding something marginally decent to read, I wanted to save you the frustration! But first, a quick disclaimer:

This is not a post about feminism (honestly, can people just chill about that word already?) nor is it aimed at women exclusively. But it is Women's Entrepreneurship Day on the 16th, and I figured why not put together an awesome reading list by inspiring women from all walks of life.

I hope you find something that resonates with you. Happy reading!

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

“Let me list for you some of the many ways in which you might be afraid to live a more creative life: You’re afraid you have no talent. You’re afraid you’ll be rejected or criticized or ridiculed or misunderstood or—worst of all—ignored...You’re afraid of being a one-hit wonder. You’re afraid of being a no-hit wonder.”

I think every creative ought to read this book. Yes, there are lots of books out there that tackle a similar subject – the good ol’ elusive creative genius – and provide advice on taming it… but Gilbert’s point of view on creativity is so incredibly compelling. She touches on all-too-real truths, discusses her own personal struggles with writing and weaves her learnings into an optimistic narrative that makes you want to drop everything and fight for your creative pursuit once more.

Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.”

Probably making the rounds on women’s booklists everywhere, Lean In by Facebook COO caused a ripple in communities of women around the world when it first came out. Sandberg examines why women’s progress in achieving leadership roles has stalled, and offers insightful, practical solutions that can empower women to achieve their full potential – based of course, off her own vast experience. She encourages women to challenge the common workplace assumption that "men still run the world” and question what’s really holding ourselves back.

Check out her TED Talk: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders.


Exhausted to Energized – Dr Libby

Holistic nutrition expert, speaker and wellness author Dr. Libby Weaver barely needs an introduction. She’s been empowering women with keen insights for decades, and her eighth book, strives to do the same. This time tackling the subject of living life with more energy, Dr. Libby offers simple but powerful strategies to help liberate yourself from exhaustion.

The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help – Amanda Palmer

Asking for help with shame says: You have the power over me. Asking with condescension says: I have the power over you. But asking for help with gratitude says: We have the power to help each other.”

Amanda Palmer, the rockstar, crowdfunding pioneer and free-spirited creative artist has a unique way of looking at the world and the communities surrounding us. Her book, an extension of her wildly popular TED talk, discusses a new way of engaging with the communities around us. It’s hopeful, real and visionary. Check it out, I urge you.

I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson

Okay I had to include this one because what I think Sarah Wilson has done is quite incredible – and if you’re after an inspiring woman, you need look no further. What started as a personal experiment, quickly became a way of life and has now developed into a global phenomenon. Wilson’s guide has inspired people to change their habits and lifestyles the world over. The book delivers a practical (and dare I say fun?) guide on how to kick your sugar habit, without being “preachy” or overly scientific. It’s easy reading with plenty of easy to implement tips and tricks. Get ready to change your life!

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Mallika Goel
Mallika Goel is the communications manager at WorkflowMax, fresh from the agency world. She brings with her four years of experience working with some of New Zealand’s largest brands as well as more boutique ones. She thinks life’s too short to do one thing, so she keeps herself busy pursuing her many interests: an obsessive love of writing/blogging, fitness, travelling and design.

Mallika Goel