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Additional security and protection | WorkflowMax

Xero’s new multi-factor authentication (MFA) process will soon be ready for all WorkflowMax customers.

If you’re a Xero and WorkflowMax customer in Australia, you will already be using two-step authentication (2SA) to log in to each product. This important protection layer was first introduced in 2018 in line with the ATO’s updated online security requirements – and there’s been a significant drop in suspicious activity since. With your helpful feedback, we’ve continued to make improvements to the 2SA process over time.

Throughout 2021, Xero and WorkflowMax will roll out multi-factor authentication (MFA) across the globe. Keeping your information safe is extremely important to us, so we’re doing all we can to protect your data and the sensitive information that’s held in your subscription. 

Why now? 
In recent years, there’s been a dramatic increase in cyber attacks designed to access online accounts and steal personal and business information. It’s a trend that’s continued as we’ve moved to remote working due to COVID-19. As custodians of your data, we want to go above and beyond to help keep your information safe.

So, what does this mean for WorkflowMax customers in Australia? 
All existing Australian customers who use 2SA won’t need to change anything. From 2 March 2021, new WorkflowMax customers in Australia will follow a more streamlined MFA flow with the choice to use the new Xero Verify app or an app like Google Authenticator or Authy. There’s more detail below.

So, what does this mean for WorkflowMax customers outside of Australia?
You don’t have to do anything yet – this is just advance notice. We’ll let you know when you’ll be able to set up MFA via the WorkflowMax blog and email. Keep an eye on the mail icon in your WorkflowMax toolbar as well. 

Wait, what’s the difference between 2SA and MFA?
Both 2SA and MFA are extra layers of security designed to prevent anyone but you from accessing your account – even if they know your password. Existing users with 2SA enabled can continue to use their existing setup under MFA. New users, and those who disable 2SA and setup MFA, will be able to enjoy the convenience of push notifications if they choose to use the Xero Verify app.

What is Xero Verify and why should I use it for multi-factor authentication?
To give you fast, easy and secure access to your Xero or WorkflowMax account using MFA, we’ve created the Xero Verify app for you. It’s free and will be available at the Apple and Google app stores. Just search for ‘Xero Verify’, then download it to your smartphone or tablet. Xero Verify can only be used to authenticate Xero accounts. 

How do I switch from my current authenticator app to Xero Verify?
After logging in to WorkflowMax, go to your ‘Account’ page and choose ‘Disable’ to disable your current authentication process. You will see an option to re-enable MFA and have the choice to use Xero Verify.

Is the new MFA process easy?
Yes – it will only take about five minutes to set up.

Once I’ve set up MFA, do I have to authenticate every time I login?
When you authenticate yourself, you have the option to pause reminders for 30 days on the device you’ve logged in with. At the end of the 30 days (or if you log in with a new device or browser), you’ll need to authenticate again.

For videos, FAQs and more, visit the MFA web page.

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Joanna Bellis
Joanna Bellis is the Product Owner for WorkflowMax. She was the first person employed by WorkflowMax back in 2009 and has 20 years of international experience in the online software industry after roles in London, Europe and NZ. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her trying to keep up with her two young children and two dogs, perfecting her downward dog and warrior poses, and making novelty kids crocheted hats.

Joanna Bellis