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Get Inspired: Our 10 Best Articles for Architects

Happy World Architecture Day! Today we’re taking a moment to appreciate the amazing work that architects do all over the globe. In celebration we’ve compiled a roundup of our own Top 10 Articles for Architects - including inspiration, quotes, and actionable advice for your architectural practice from our WorkflowMax writers. Happy reading!

#1 - Top 101 Exceptionally Badass Quotes About Architecture and Design From Legends

One of our most popular articles ever...Get inspired with these 101 beautiful quotes from the greatest creative minds of all time.


#2 - 5 Tips for Improving Invoicing at Your Architecture Practice and Getting Paid Faster

Is your invoicing system in need of an overhaul? Even a few small changes can make a positive impact on your cashflow. Here are five tips for improving invoicing at your architecture firm.




#3 - Architects: Your Competitors Aren’t Blogging - Here’s Why You Should Be

It’s no secret that architecture is a competitive industry. Firms that use content marketing to reach new audiences will have a much better chance of attracting new clients than architects who fail to adapt to this powerful form of marketing.


#4 - 25 Architecture Blogs for Design Inspiration

What’s the best thing about architecture blogs? You barely have to do any reading. Filled with images that transcend words, there is so much visual inspiration to be found on the web without having to do much searching yourself.


#5 - How to Boost Profits at Your Architecture Firm, Without Taking on New Clients

Bringing in new clients isn’t always a scalable solution, especially if it requires you to hire more architects. Here are the alternative ways to improve profit margins at your architectural firm - including upselling, adjusting your rates and streamlining processes.




#6 - 10 Amazing Architectural Achievements of the Ancient World

When we think of architectural achievements, we tend to look to modern marvels, like the Empire State Building, or the Panama Canal. But all these buildings are a step in a long history of architectural achievement, building on the lessons learned thousands of years ago.


#7 - Architects: A Guide to Attending Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibits are an excellent vehicle for landing new clients. But if you’ve never done one before it can seem a little daunting. Don’t worry - we’re here to take to guesswork out of it! Here is everything you need to know about attending trade shows as an architect.


#8 - The Beginner’s Guide to Using WorkflowMax in Your Architectural Practice

Anthony McIlroy, a business advisor and accountant at Alliott NZ, offers his favourite beginner’s hacks for getting Workflowmax up and running in architectural firms.




#9 - 6 Common Architecture Practice Management Mistakes You Could Be Making

You’re talented, you’re in demand, and your reputation is growing. Unfortunately, your incredible design talents don’t necessarily mean you’re a pro at running a successful architecture practice as it starts to expand. Here are 6 common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


#10 - 8 Top Time Management Tips to Implement in Your Architecture Practice

In the architecture industry time is your biggest asset. Managing workloads, prioritising assignments, and billing for time is critical to the success of your practice. Luckily, there are some easy habits you can implement to help you stay on track.


articles_for_architects_3.jpegImages sourced from Pexels.com


We hope you enjoyed our roundup of architectural inspiration! Let us know if you have any other favourites in the comments below.

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Caitlin Sisley
Caitlin Sisley is a Marketing Content Writer at WorkflowMax, and has over six years of experience in digital content production. She has worked on creative copy for a large number of New Zealand businesses - from tiny startups to household names. With a Master of Professional Studies from the University of Auckland, she is passionate about small business and corporate responsibility.

Caitlin Sisley