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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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PlanRight + WorkflowMax: Transforming businesses


In today’s challenging markets, the way companies manage their time represents one of the most powerful sources of competitive advantage. If you’re second guessing how much work your business can take on, it’s going to be hard to manage daily or weekly changes to workflow and even tougher to future-plan with confidence.

Up your game with PlanRight – the powerful add-on to WorkflowMax.

Integrating seamlessly with WorkflowMax, PlanRight enables businesses to become experts in managing staff capacity and workload. Its bold, graphic interface shows you the capacity of your staff at-a-glance and lets you carefully manage the impact of new projects coming down the line.  Over or under scheduling becomes a thing of the past. You simply see where the gaps are and know immediately if you’ve got too much on.

The simplicity and flexibility of the online software means you can schedule daily, weekly, monthly or yearly – making it an ideal add-on for any business that allocates time against specific projects or clients - like accountants, architects, engineers, consulting firms and creative/design agencies.

 PlanRight Pivot table by Job

“PlanRight has fundamentally changed our business”

Janine Bickerton, GM, Marx Design Ltd

For the 12-strong team at Marx Design in Auckland, PlanRight has solved a real business problem. As branding and packaging design specialists, Marx are constantly generating ideas and working to tight project deadlines. Before using PlanRight the team scheduled work on a master spreadsheet. It was time consuming to update and even with weekly kick-off meetings the nature of design project work meant things could change a lot in a day.

“PlanRight immediately gave us better visibility on scheduled weekly hours per person, as well as how jobs were tracking to budgeted hours. Within a couple of months, we were able to output more work without increasing staff levels – just by scheduling more accurately to capacity.” says Janine Bickerton, GM, Marx Design Ltd.

Revenue Forecast

The team hasn’t looked back since integrating the software. “We update PlanRight daily and it allows us to see changes in real-time … everyone has full visibility on their daily tasks as well as what’s coming.” continues Janine. 

With its ability to highlight what’s happening on a granular level, Marx Design now use PlanRight to run their Studio. They also hold daily team catch-ups where everyone gets the chance to talk about their individual workloads.

“PlanRight has brought us together face-to-face. We’re now looking at how we can automate tasks in other areas of the business. We see this as the key to being competitive.” 

Janine Bickerton, GM, Marx Design Ltd

A fresh perspective on the business of consulting

With 100 employees to manage, Callida Consulting in Canberra knew that precise scheduling was crucial to remaining commercially competitive. As opportunities come into the consultancy, bespoke teams of highly-talented individual consultants need to be pulled together.

“We needed to know people’s availability for work that was coming in … and what consultancy skills we had available now and in the future” recalls Paul Smith, Partner at Callida Consulting.We needed to manage both under and over utilisation, and do it as simply as possible using broad percentages across the week rather than hour by hour per day.

“Using PlanRight confirmed that we didn’t have complete visibility of under or over-scheduling … its now given us transparency of what’s coming down the line”. Paul Smith, Partner, Callida Consulting

Callida has also commissioned additional functions from the PlanRight team including a Skills Capability Matrix enabling their consultants to populate a skills database with their individual expertise (eg. IT, Accountancy). Callida then matches the skills internally for specific projects.

“The PlanRight team have been incredibly responsive to feedback and our co-funded development was completed quickly and with some great innovations. We have other enhancements in the planning.” Paul Smith, Partner, Callida Consulting

PlanRight can highlight the team's current skill sets - ensuring the right people get to work on the right jobs.   

Skill Groups

What can your business expect from PlanRight?

Full Visibility

An instant view over all your projects, the tasks allocated to each person and when they’re doing it. See the work that's been scheduled. Track people's individual progress on projects.

Real-time Insights

Accommodate work changes easily by seeing exactly who has capacity and who's overbooked instantly.


Update and recalibrate quickly to reconfigure the team's capacity and react instantly to any changes that come in.


Bold graphics, multiple filters and easy-to-use 'drag and drop' management means everyone can get up and running quickly.


The clever dashboard shows you exactly who has or hasn't got capacity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Improved communication

Updating your team about workflow planning is simple. Everyone just logs into PlanRight for an instant snapshot of what's been allocated.

PlanRight Laptop

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Or drop the friendly PlanRight team a line at support@planrightapp.com

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