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Tip of the Week: Quickly add new staff to a job

Did you know there’s a super easy way to add staff, or assign or reassign job or account managers to jobs in WorkflowMax?

Maybe you’ve had staff join or leave, or you have imported a lot of jobs without assigning staff, either way this top tip will save you hours making sure the right people are assigned to the right jobs.

Before you start you need to make sure the staff member has been set up in your organisation settings.

From within the Job Manager, hover over the ‘Options’ menu and you have a choice of ‘Add Staff’, ‘Assign Manager’, ‘Assign Account Manager’, or ‘Remove Staff’. Select one of these options - they all work the pretty much the same.


Select the Staff member you are adding, assigning, or removing - the next button will take you to select the jobs to assign, add, or remove from.  


If you’re removing or assigning managers, you’ll have the option here to Save. And that is that!

assign manager pics.png

But if you are adding staff to a job and assign tasks to individual staff you have one more page, so select next, then assign the tasks if needed. Leaving them unselected allows all assigned staff to work on them, and save.

final stage.gif

Bam! Just like that - the change is made!

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Genny Stevens
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Genny Stevens

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