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10 Slightly Different Ways to Show Your Clients Some Love.

You spend half your time worrying about losing your current clients to the competition and the other half frantically trying to find new ones. But what if you could approach client retention a little...

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Amping Up for 2017 - New Years Resolutions for IT and Tech Companies

2017 is shaping up to be a big year for technology. Things are moving so fast, it’s impossible for most small businesses to keep up. That’s where you come in. As an IT company, the business community...

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10 New Year’s Resolutions Accountants and Bookkeepers Need to Keep This Year

The ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, and swaying along to Auld Lang Syne you raised your glass and made a toast to some well-intentioned resolutions. Perhaps to work less.. run more... get to bed...

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New Year's Resolutions for Creative Leaders – 10 Prompts to Propel Your Shop to Success in 2017

Ah, New Year's Resolutions. The time of year when we reflect on what did, and didn't work in 2016, and make well-meaning plans to improve ourselves in the coming year, plans usually made over a glass...

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Avoid a Financial Hangover this Christmas With These Business Accounting Tips

For retailers, this is the time of year that their tills really start ringing, but as a service business, you might find that things are starting to slow. No doubt you will also be bracing yourself...

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6 Books By Inspiring Women To Add To Your Booklist These Holidays

“A book is a treat to be savoured, and a book that can inspire us to greatness, or offer insights into better business practices” – Steff Green You know that sinking feeling when you read a glamorous...

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Not Getting Everything Done? Why Your To-Do List Sucks

A few months ago we set up an innocuous little survey on the WorkflowMax blog to help us understand our customers’ pain points better. We wanted to create more targeted and relevant content that...

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Is Your Business Blog Working? 10 Key Metrics to Measure

 You’ve published a piece of amazing content on your business blog. Hitting refresh every 5 minutes you watch the views creep upwards. “50 people!!” you scream, scaring the life out of your...

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Cash Flow Concerns? 8 Things Your Agency Probably Isn’t Doing

 Ah cash flow. It’s not just a phrase accountants throw around casually: it’s actually the blood that pumps around your agency’s veins and dictates how much tangible money is coming into (and going...

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Get Creative! 9 Fun Brainstorming Tactics for Agencies

Creativity... It’s the lifeblood of every agency. Without creativity there’d be no new ideas. No problem solving. No innovation. And nothing to distinguish your company from the competition.

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