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Tracking profitability with WorkflowMax [CUSTOMER STORY]

Find out how the team at Jungle Drums use WorkflowMax and Xero for better invoicing and to track profitability on each job!  Today we're talking to Wendy Lilley, ‎Digital Marketing Specialist &...

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Are you losing money on your retainer clients?

It's a subject that doesn't get talked about a lot and can be vexing for a lot of businesses. WorkflowMax expert Maree Maxfield delves into how to find out whether your retainer clients are...

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[Product Update] Assign Staff To Jobs In WorkflowMax for iOS

You’re in a meeting with your team, discussing the particulars of a certain job. Instead of trying to remember which staff member you’ve delegated to which job and who’s supposed to be responsible...

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[Product Update] WorkflowMax for Android is here!

We want to make managing your jobs and time on the go as easy as possible, from wherever you are. Last year we released WorkflowMax for iOS, including two subsequent updates (manage your time...

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How To Get Your Team To Use Project Management Tools

If you’ve been considering a project management tool for your business, you’ll know there are several advantages. You can access timelines, documents, and conversations in one place; the whole team...

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Setting Up For Success: Four Key Things To Remember in WorkflowMax

I started my business in 2011, focusing on Xero training and implementation. I’ve always had two key passions: training and the development of systems. Therefore the move to working with a number of...

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[CUSTOMER STORY] “We manage our entire lifecycle with WorkflowMax” – Talex IT consultants

Are you an IT consultant wondering if WorkflowMax is right for you? Find out more about why Talex love using WorkflowMax! Customer stories is a regular column on the WorkflowMax blog where we talk...

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[Product Update] Sort and filter your jobs in WorkflowMax for iOS

We know the ability to sort and filter jobs is a critical aspect of managing your projects. When you have a lot of jobs on the go, or have open sharing permissions with the rest of the business, the...

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[CUSTOMER STORY] Websmart Kiwi: We’ve gained efficiency with the power of WorkflowMax and Xero

Customer stories is a regular column on the WorkflowMax blog where we talk to our customers, find out more about the amazing work they’re doing and how they use WorkflowMax to facilitate their...

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How to choose agency management software: Tips from an IT setup partner

Picture this: You start out as a small, independent creative agency. You’re doing great work, building your client base, and putting your name out there. At this point, managing projects is...

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