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TLS 1.0 Deprecation and the WorkflowMax API

One of our focus areas is continuing to protect your data online. At Xero we take data security extremely seriously, and want to make sure you’re protected.  

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The New Roadmap for WorkflowMax

The WorkflowMax roadmap is here! Thank you for all your feedback over the last little while – it’s helped us form a robust vision for the future. We’re super excited and know you will be too when you...

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Spotlight on Support: 5 Key Features of The New WorkflowMax Support Centre

Thanks for all the amazing feedback that’s been coming through about our website and support centre. We’re proud to see support centre usage on an upward trend, and nearly 30% up since January....

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What's Inefficient Time Management Costing Your Business?

As a business owner, it's important to understand where you’re spending your time. But let's face it, tracking time isn’t the most fun thing in the world. And doing it retrospectively can be a pain....

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TLS updates – what you need to know about your security

We’re only a month into 2018 and already we’ve seen some major information security challenges with the disclosure of the Meltdown and Spectre microprocessor vulnerabilities. Here at Xero we take...

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From Quote to Invoice - A Holistic Approach to Time Management With WorkflowMax

Many small business owners struggle to manage their projects from a financial, time management and performance perspective. 

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WorkflowMax – a new website to match a new energy

We’re super excited to announce the launch of our new website! Nearly 6 months in the making, it’s been a labour of love. The updated site includes a new structure so it’s easier for you to find...

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Your WorkflowMax login screen is changing

WorkflowMax and Xero, take online security seriously and we are continuously enhancing our world class security standards. To help your business maintain secure practices we are moving to a new...

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Five Steps To A Great Business Analysis.

I started implementing cloud apps for businesses in 2010, when I left my job as an accountant at the humble age of 22. Back then there were only a handful of Xero integrated apps, and the term...

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Staff Pick: 10 WorkflowMax Features That Will Change Your Life

WorkflowMax is turning 10 - woohoo! To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we asked Joanna Bellis – the very first WorkflowMax employee, and our most experienced team member – to discuss her 10...

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