With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Victoria: Don’t miss out on $1200 for your business!

Vic Govt rebate

If you’re an eligible small business owner in Victoria, Australia, you could get a $1,200 rebate by subscribing to Xero’s WorkflowMax – the end-to-end job management system in the cloud.

As part of Xero, WorkflowMax is proud to be a supplier to the Victorian Government’s Small Business Digital Adaptation Program. The program has been extended to 5 December 2021 so we wanted to remind you about it and let you know we’re here to help.

The Victorian Government has developed this program so small businesses can access a range of digital business tools to do more online – everything from upgrading your website to accepting online payments. 

If you’re an existing Xero customer with a business edition subscription and you’d like to automate your job management processes, take a closer look at WorkflowMax and consider applying for the rebate. It’s $1,200 that could equate to up to 19 months of WorkflowMax (depending on the subscription size you choose).

Why WorkflowMax?

WorkflowMax helps you manage jobs wherever you are and gives you greater visibility over your business’s profit and performance. Here are just some of its benefits:


Our GM, Koren Wines, explains: ‘Think about it a bit like this: WorkflowMax helps you gain visibility over every step of the workflow. The moment that a lead comes through the door, wherever it comes from, you’ve got quoting, to estimating jobs to scheduling, allocating tasks to team members, and managing everybody’s time. Then you can invoice in a number of ways and use the integration to push data back into Xero. ‘

Perhaps the most powerful part is the insights and reporting: ‘With WorkflowMax you’ll get a real-time view of your business performance, and you can tap into even greater reporting insights using its super detailed reporting function.’


Meeting the conditions

To sign up for the programme, you’ll need to meet a few conditions. 

You must have:

  • Held a valid ABN since 13 September 2019, 
  • Be a sole trader, micro business or small business, 
  • Operate your business in Victoria, 
  • Be registered with the responsible Federal or State regulator, 
  • Be a new customer to WorkflowMax and pay for the subscription yourself,
  • Be an existing customer of Xero or use the $1200 towards both Xero and WorkflowMax subscription fees

We’re here to help

If you’ve got any questions about WorkflowMax or applying for the rebate, we’d love to hear from you. We can help with answers about anything from eligibility to deciding the best way to get WorkflowMax set up for your business. 

Find out more about the Small Business Adaptation Programme

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Millie Vingrys
I'm the global head of marketing at WorkflowMax. I really enjoy getting to know our customers and sharing their stories of success and business growth with our community. I love to see how our product helps busy people to steal back precious time to work on what really matters in their lives.

Millie Vingrys