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Here Are 9 Apps That Integrate With WorkflowMax

Linking your time tracking to your payroll is the next logical step. We thought so too, that’s why one of our priorities when growing the add-on selection for WorkflowMax was to integrate with some of the best payroll tools on the market.

All of these tools offer a fantastic payroll solution to any business. But we want to help make it easy for you to choose the right option for you, so we’ve created a run-down of different features for our five payroll add-on tools.

Why use cloud payroll tools?

As a small business owner, Payroll can be hugely daunting and a real time-suck. It takes hours each month to get all the details right, and there’s always that concern you’re not complying with your legal obligations. Often, business owners are doing payroll in spreadsheets or calculating it manually and keeping paper files. Both these systems are cumbersome.

Or perhaps you’ve grown large enough that you have an in-house payroll team, or you’re outsourcing your payroll to a dedicated company. Either way, you’re literally paying people to calculate how much you need to pay your people.

Cloud-based payroll offers these benefits for your company:

  • Many facets of the payroll and HR process can be automated, eliminating double entry and saving you hours of work.
  • Employees can take ownership of their own time tracking and with clever tools will become more accurate.
  • Payroll records are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from wherever you are.
  • With an online system you can easily track time and run payroll for a remote team.
  • Easy to scale your system as your business grows without adding additional payroll staff / hours.
  • Guard against data loss with secure cloud hosting.
  • Report on timesheet, payroll and employee data to see how your business is faring.
  • Integrate your cloud payroll tools with other applications (such as WorkflowMax) for a complete business solution.

Now that we’ve cleared up the benefits, let's move on to looking at the payroll integration options for WorkflowMax users.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all the these applications are designed to be used by New Zealand companies only, and have set themselves up around our specific tax system.



Accreditation: FlexiTime is IRD certified

Plans: Flexitime offer different types of plans depending on how you pay your business.

Pricing: $20 monthly fee, plus $2 per employee per month. There are no per pay charges.

I’m a huge fan of the Shift plan in FlexiTime, which is a rostering and photo clock-in app. You can set the roster for your employees using a saved template – you can do this across all staff, or by departments – and then email this out to your team. When your employees clock in, they use the Flexitime photo-clock to send a photo and record the exact time they clock in.

There are also decent features for reporting and getting visibility across your business. You can track your labour cost and compare wage costs to estimated revenue, see roster variances, leave liability, and so much more.



Accreditation: iPayroll is IRD certified

Plans: iPayroll offers a standard plan, a DIY PAYE plan, and a full-outsourced service if you want a totally hands-off solution.

Pricing: From $9 per pay run.

iPayroll is another New Zealand-based solution for small businesses. It offers a complete suite of features built around a 4-step process that’s quite easy to use. You can set up automated pay runs, or arrange runs in advance. Employees can submit online leave requests, and manage their own timesheets and leave in the online employee kiosk.

One really cool feature of iPayroll is the ease with which you can set up payroll giving, so your staff can allocate a certain amount of their pay each month to go to a specific charity.

Smart Payroll


Accreditation: Smart Payroll is IRD certified

Plans: Three different price tiers depending on company size, each one has access to all the features.

Pricing: $20 monthly fee plus $1-2 per employee, depending on size of company.

Smart Payroll was the first cloud-based payroll system available in New Zealand. The interface is designed to be easy to use from a phone, so it’s definitely a great choice for teams who are on the go. Smart Payroll also easily calculate bonuses, commissions, and expenses as one-off expenses or regular payments, and they have a few tricks to help you customise the payroll to your particular industry.

Smart Payroll has recently added a new product to their suite – SmartHR. This system enables you to create customisable contracts and manage performance reviews. You can store all your HR and induction documentation on one single app, and the app includes over 200 saved job descriptions, contracts, and other documents you can use as the basis for your own company.

Ace Pay


Accreditation: Ace Pay is IRD cretified

Plans: One plan to cover all businesses.

Pricing: $250 yearly, no matter the size of your company or number of employees.

Ace Pay has been designed to be a very simple system for anyone to use. Descriptive text during each stage makes it good for teams where English isn’t necessarily the first language. You can email payslips, send deductions, pay wages, monitor staff turnover, and lodge returns electronically. The features are basic compared to some of these other solutions, but it’s a great product if you are just looking for a basic, simple payroll tool.

IMS Payroll


Accreditation: IMS Payroll is IRD cretified

Plans: Three products – the full suite, Online Express (employee self-service) and Express Max (self-service and time sheeting).

Pricing: From $299 set up license fee, and $225 annually, depending on number of employees.

IMS Payroll offers a full, robust feature-set for the company looking to take payroll to the next level. There are also two more inexpensive options (Online Express and Express Max) that are better suited for smaller businesses with specific needs. IMP Payroll offers all the standard features you need, including timesheets, reporting, payslips, employee self-service, leave management, and more.

IMS Payroll is probably one of the best solutions for companies larger than 50 employees, as it offers a huge range of features, enabling the product to truly scale with your company.

MYOB Payroll


Accreditation: MYOB Payroll is IRD cretified

Plans: One plan for up to 20 employees.

Pricing: $439 ex GST for one license.

MYOB Payroll is part of the popular accounting app MYOB.If you’re employing less than 20 employees and are using MYOB to manage your accounts, then this is a good solution. The interface will be familiar to anyone who uses MYOB, and you can integrate it with WorkflowMax in order to import timesheets directly from the app.

MacBusiness Payroll


Accreditation: SimplePay is CRA cretified

Plans: Lite, Full and an MYOB-specific plan. (Timesheet imports available in full version only).

Pricing: From $499 for the license.

Contrary to what its name might suggest, MacBusiness Payroll operates great on both Mac and PC. The software automatically calculates tax, student loan, child support and Kiwisaver deductions, and produces all the reports and online uploads you need to meet IRD requirements.

MacBusiness Payroll’s full feature set and optional “Lite” plan made it a decent option for New Zealand small businesses.



Accreditation: SmoothPay is IRD certified.

Plans: One plan available that includes all features.

Pricing: $429 for initial license, and then from $99 per year, depending on number of employees.

If you want simple, effective and compliant, then SmoothPay is a great option. Although SmoothPay offer all the usual payroll features, their reporting system really sets them apart. You can create reports on your payroll data and learn more about revenue and staff expenses then you ever needed to know! It’s also excellent for tax invoices for real estate agents and contractors.



Accreditation: SimplePay is CRA certified

Plans: One plan, and you can also have an accredited accountant manage your payroll through the Pro feature.

Pricing: From $1.50CAD per employee.

SimplePay is a smart payroll tool designed with Canadian businesses in mind. It has collaboration features, a staff self-service centre, and everything you need to effectively manage payroll. You can also head to the Pro section to find an accountant who will handle your payroll for you.

I particularly like the way SimplePay sets out their staff self-service centre. To me this is a really user-friendly system for Canadians businesses.

All these payroll services offer similar features – timesheet imports, one-click payroll, employee self-service, leave, PAYE, tax, benefit and other expense calculations – and it can be daunting trying to pick the right option for you. In the end it will come down to which interface works best for you and your team, and what pricing model you’re willing to pay for.

Luckily, all of these payroll tools offer free trials, so you can try the different interfaces for yourself. Look for a system that feels intuitive and will fit well with your team’s current practices. If your team are on the road a lot, then pay particular attention to the mobile app.

Remember, all of these payroll tools can be integrated with WorkflowMax, so you can directly import timesheet data from WorkflowMax and use that to run payroll. It couldn’t be simpler!

When it comes to timesheets and payroll, WorkflowMax works together with these great applications to bring you a total solution. Never spend hours on tedious data entry again!


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