Custom Fields

Custom fields are one of the coolest features in WorkflowMax! Store unique information against jobs, clients, leads or suppliers – so you have a powerful, customised database at your fingertips!

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Why you’ll love using Custom Fields

Custom fields enable you to add information against jobs, clients and leads, and to group this information however you want.

Credit Crunch

Is a client on credit? A description next to their entry will remind you of your agreement (and when it ends).

Forecast revenues

Add a date when you expect a lead to be won, enabling you to report forecasted revenues.

Happy anniversary

Store anniversaries and birthdays against a client, and send out cards or gifts to reward your best customers.


Create lists of contacts based on favorite football teams, so you can give them a discount when your team wins!

Unlimited options, powerful flexibility

Take a look at some of the different types of fields you can create.
Need insights? It's easy to create customized fields
  1. Link field

    Include Skype, Twitter and Facebook accounts for contacts, for one click social media interaction.

  2. Date field

    Store birthdays against contacts, so you can send out birthday cards.

  3. Dropdown list

    Store industry types against your clients, and create targeted marketing campaigns.

  4. Text field

    Add anything you want in the text field. The possibilities are endless!


Quickly find custom fields stored against a client

Quickly find custom fields stored against a client
  1. Find your field

    Add custom fields against any client information, including jobs and leads.

  2. Here they are!

    View your custom fields from the Client Screen, for easy reference.

John Ffooks
Thanks to Custom Fields in WorkflowMax, I set up 9 jobs, across 8 countries, 4 different billing levels, 3 different billing currencies, 10 different tasks per billing level in less than 10 minutes. Is there another time-management system that allows that much that fast? I doubt it.
John Ffooks, Director, John W Ffooks & Co / Madagascar-based law practice

More meaningful reporting with custom fields

Slice and dice your data however you want to get the business insights you need.
Client & Contact - Report Designer
Client & Contact - Report
  1. Complete control

    Choose the types of clients and fields you want to display.

  2. Narrow it down

    Filter results according to your specific criteria.

  3. The results are in!

    View your reports online or export as a file.

How do custom fields fit into your workflow?

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