See job profitability at a glance

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Estimated cost

See your estimated costs broken down into individual tasks.

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Quoted cost

Integrated with quotes for an automatic and accurate picture of your quoted cost.

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Actual cost

Measure your actual costs as they come in, to see if your staff are quoting accurately.

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Show me the money!

See the profit on each job - are your quotes too high or too low?


"I can produce an amazingly accurate quote in less than 5 minutes. It's been transformative for us."

Eric Catania, CEO, Digital Reality / IT services

It’s easy - no credit cards, no contracts.

6 reasons you’ll love the job costing in WorkflowMax

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No surprises

See all your expenses in the job costing system, and don’t get stung with nasty bills.

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Know your profitability

With the job order cost system, you can understand your profitability and learn whether you need to raise rates.

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Bring it all together

Job order costing pulls data from different screens to give you a complete picture.

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Stay on top

Instantly know how costs and invoices are stacking up in the job order costing system.

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Xero integrated

Get supplies when you need them by paying purchase orders in Xero.

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Seamless data flow

All your data flows freely, you don't have to do anything to see job costs.

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"Having full visibility means costs don't skyrocket, and we can get paid for the work we do, rather than missing it!"

Ian Morris, Owner, Threerooms / Creative agency

Got questions? We have answers

We do job costing by phase – is this possible in WorkflowMax?

If you want to group your job costing by phase only at the job level, you can use Job Folders. Unfortunately it is not possible to directly group tasks and cost items by phase at the quote stage. Contact one of our product specialists for more advice.

In my business we sometimes need more than one quote on a job. Is this possible in WorkflowMax?

You sure can, but there is only ever one “master quote” on the job. So for example – if you created multiple quotes on the job then only the latest accepted quote would be referred to when creating an invoice based on the quoted value.

Can I run a job financial report for dates in the past?

Yes you can! Run the report from the Financial Reports menu and simply select the client and date. If you run it from Financial tab on the job however, it will show you the entire summary for that job.

How do I manage the quoting process if my job has multiple phases?

WorkflowMax gives you the option of using job folders for each phase. When quoting, make use of job templates to create your quote. On your job template you can create default folders, save the template header and then add your milestones, tasks and cost, selecting the appropriate default folder for each item.

Then, when you create your quote, all you need to do is select the first phase template and then within the quote choose Options > Apply additional templates.

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