All your job information in one place

workflowmax job management

Your jobs, at a glance

Get an overview of all your jobs and apply filters as needed. Choose to view by deadline, important dates or staff allocation.

workflowmax job management


Highlights indicate overdue jobs so they can be dealt with immediately.

workflowmax job management

% Complete

A visual indicator of job status.

workflowmax job managemen

Stay informed of updates

Get notifications whenever job details change or when you're approaching the time allocated to a job.

Manage resources with scheduling

management icon

See who’s working on what

Understand resource capacity and make sure you’ve distributed the workload evenly.

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Stay on top of due dates

See start and finish dates or get a "percentage complete" for jobs.

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Track milestones

The calendar view gives an accurate picture of upcoming deadlines.


“I feel I've been able to empower our staff enough so that they can manage everything themselves.”


It’s easy - no credit cards, no contracts.

Reasons you’ll love job management in WorkflowMax

stay top icon

Stay on top of all your jobs

View all your organisation’s jobs, filter different views of your jobs, see staff allocation, and important milestones and dates all from one place.

customize icon

Easy job setup!

All you need to create a new job is the client, the job name, and the job state.

time icon

Track time against estimated

See how many hours a job is taking compared to the estimate, and avoid nasty cost overruns.

reporting icon

Clever reporting

Understand deadlines, job status and staff allocation at a glance.

plan ahead icon

Plan ahead with job scheduling

Get an overview of who’s working on what so you can forecast better.

deadline icon

Never miss another deadline

Stay on top of important dates or view the calendar to see upcoming deadlines.

Aaron image

“As an account manager, I love the transparency and visibility of time tracking in WorkflowMax. If I assign 4 hours to a job and it was completed in 2, then I can easily see that within the system – it’s great to have that visibility across all the jobs I’m managing.”

Aaron Jacobsen, Account Manager, 7 Group / Auckland-based creative agency

Got questions? We have answers

We work closely with customers and want them to be able to view progress on jobs. Can we do this in WorkflowMax?

You sure can! One of the great things about WorkflowMax is how client-friendly it is. The client portal allows your customers to log into WorkflowMax to see progress on their jobs. Contact one of our product specialists for help on how to set this up.

We do a lot of similar kinds of projects. Does WorkflowMax keep a record of completed jobs?

It sure does. All you need to do is check out the Archive tab in WorkflowMax Job Manager and enter the job number of whatever job you’re looking for. The archive tab will show you completed jobs no matter the job state whereas the All Jobs tab only includes current jobs i.e jobs not completed or on hold

Need some additional firepower?

WorkflowMax integrates with more products than any other off-the-shelf application. Now you can get the power of WorkflowMax’s end-to-end project management solution combined with a world-class scheduling add-on Deputy.

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