Job Management & Resource Scheduling Software

Want to see all your company’s jobs at a glance? WorkflowMax Job Scheduling Software does this, and so much more.

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Manage projects / Job Tracking

Your jobs, at a glance

If you want to know the who, what, when, how and why, you can see it at a glance from the Job Management Screen.

Employee Scheduling Software

Your staff can place their name next to a job, and with the job scheduler you can instantly see who has work on their desk.

In the Nick of Time

With job scheduler software, you can see how many hours a job is taking compared to the estimate, and avoid nasty cost overruns.

Get The Scoop

The current status of each job is shown in the job management software, so you can see where each job is in the process.

Powerful job management software

  1. Overview

    A quick look at jobs for the week.

  2. Due dates

    See the exact date a project is due.

  3. Overdue

    Highlights overdue jobs so they can be dealt with immediately.

  4. % Complete

    A visual indicator of job status.

ob management software review by Rome May UK
Now that we have WorkflowMax in place, as a business owner I feel I've been able to empower our staff enough so that they can manage everything themselves and do the best job in it.
Ian Morris, Owner, Threerooms / Nottingham-based creative agency

All your job information - notes, emails, documents - in one place

All your job information - notes, emails, documents - in one place
  1. Whodunnit?

    Absolute transparency across your whole team.

  2. Impeccable timing

    See actual time spent against quoted time.

  3. Tick it off

    Check when milestones and tasks have been completed.

Save time with employee scheduling

With clever staff scheduling software, you can see at a glance which team members are working on each job.
Online employees scheduling software
  1. Done and dusted

    Start and completion dates for each job.

  2. Nearly finished!

    Gives a "percentage complete".

  3. Track milestones

    Flip to milestone view.

Never miss a deadline with the important dates screen

Never miss a deadline with the important dates screen
  1. Keep track of dates

    Shows start and end dates for every project you're working on.

  2. Flip to calendar

    Calendar view for an accurate view of upcoming deadlines.

  3. Crystal ball

    Predict problems such as workflow bottlenecks.

Get notifications via email

Get notifications via email
  1. You've got mail

    Get notifications whenever job details change.

  2. Almost done!

    Find out when you're approaching the time allocated to a job.

  3. Notify a group

    Choose who will see notifications for different roles and tasks.

resource scheduling software review by Aaron Jacobsen Auckland
As an account manager, I love the transparency and visibility of time tracking in WorkflowMax. If I assign 4 hours to a job and it was completed in 2, then I can easily see that within the system – it’s great to have that visibility across all the jobs I’m managing.
Aaron Jacobsen, Account Manager, 7 Group / Auckland-based creative agency

See work allocation for each team member

Online resource allocation software
  1. Staff workloads

    See how much work you've allocated to each team member

  2. All's fair

    Have you allocated someone too much work? Too little?

  3. Don't overcommit

    Find out if you have the capacity to take on a new project.

How does job tracking software fit into your workflow?

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