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WFM Coach

Gold Coast, Australia

EMAIL: adam@wfmcoach.com.au

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About Us

I started WFM Coach to provide an affordable solution for all your WorkflowMax setup, training and support needs. Most other Cloud Integrators offer WorkflowMax consulting as one part of a suite of services, I specialise in WorkflowMax. I have a long history as a Business Process and Systems Specialist working with small to medium organisations and large enterprise class systems. I use WorkflowMax everyday to run my business and It’s the same system I used to help build one of Australia’s leading business software consulting companies. I’ve implemented WorkflowMax into several other businesses. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your job management needs. No charge for the initial discussion.



"Managing jobs was out of control. We used manual systems of paper, excel files and a crusty old white board. 14 hour workdays were the norm. The administrative double handling was costing me heaps. WorkflowMax brought order to the kaos. Quotes are now largely templated, meaning I can produce fully costed quotes quickly. We’ve been able to streamline our work practices with job tasks and checklists. Job costs and timesheets are easy to capture. Data is only ever entered once and very easy to find. I can remain price competitive in my marketplace as I know precisely how much every job costs, and it's all live. From a management perspective I now have a clear picture of the state of the business. I know the exact value of quotes I have outstanding, I know the value of work in progress, and invoicing is a dream. At a glance I can see how each and every job is going and quickly intervene if jobs are off the rails. I considered setting up WorkflowMax myself. So glad I didn’t. Adam was able to completely set us up in a week. He did everything, setup, data migration and training. Sure, I had to change some of my processes to fit WorkflowMax, but overall we’re in a much better position."