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Are you ready to hit send on that snarky client email? Think again! Use one of these templates instead.

Ah, clients. We love them, we respect them. Sometimes we want to throttle them. (But that’s not exactly a good client relations policy for your agency.)

These days more and more of our client interactions are done by email. And because emails don’t come with a friendly tone, a smile, and a handshake, clients can often interpret your request for clarification or gentle reminder as a hostile attack, and respond in kind.

Don’t let email destroy your client relationship – we show you how to tackle 15 sticky client situations via email with grace and decorum.

In this ebook, you’ll find:

15 templates for different client situations – from declining a project to increasing your fees and extending a deadline.

Templates organised into categories so you can easily find the one you need.

Simply add your own name and your client’s name and you’re ready to go!

BONUS: 6 essential tips for creating successful email communications with clients.

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