Job Management Checklist for Architecture & Design Firms

Learn tips to streamline job management from end to end so you can save time, improve your processes and produce better results

You can improve your firm’s processes

Learn steps and best practices to consider when managing architecture and design projects for clients.

Applying a standard framework to how you manage jobs enables you to maximise efficiency and deliver reliable, top-notch services to your clients. 

In this checklist, we outline the typical job management cycle for architects and designers to help your business:

  • Collect and leverage key data at each stage in your job cycle
  • Map out your own job management workflow using tips from industry experts
  • Introduce the right technology to increase process efficiency and produce better results

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Recommended software to combine with your job management system

Recommended software to combine with your job management system

Considerations for in-progress jobs, such as time tracking, cost management, and more

Tips for better time tracking, improved cost management, and more


What to measure to understand project performance and how to apply these learnings to future jobs