How to make your quotes work harder

What to expect

Join Customer Success Manager, Sarah Pink and Implementation partner Liz Tobin from Gingersnap Consulting for a jam-packed session to uncover more about the WorkflowMax quote feature.

In this webinar, we’ll show you things you might not know about quoting so you can tap into its full functionality to save even more time. Make your quotes look very professional and accurately estimate your profit. From grouping tasks and costs together in folders to getting the most out of customisable quote templates, we’ll cover it all for you.

Who’s this for: Sales teams. Business development managers, administrators and job managers

What’s covered:
- Quote manager feature
- How to speed up the creation of your quotes by using job templates and other options
- Getting the quoted values right and accurate estimated profit
- Billable vs Non Billable items and impact they have on cost estimates
- Calculated v fixed price quoting
- How to use folders on quotes, notes, and documents on quotes, and the collaboration manager
- How to present your quotes beautifully and professionally using custom print templates