Integrated project management software.

WorkflowMax’s cloud project management software contains everything you need to manage your workflow — in one integrated platform.
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Tools to start projects

Track your leads, sales pipeline, and proposals in one place.
Create professional quotes and link them to your jobs with this clever project management tool.

Tools to manage projects

With time sheets and project planning software, you can instantly see how long a job has taken, and who did it.
Use the project management dashboard to see all your jobs in one screen and keep your eye on deadlines.
With online project management, you can see job profitability at a glance and figure out if you’re in the black.
Use collaboration and project management tools to share notes and emails on a job with your team and clients.
Store important documents in a job – so you can find them quickly when you need them.
With our simplified mobile site, you can track time, manage jobs, and contact clients anywhere in the world.
Run reports on all your data and get a snapshot of where your business is going.
Add Ons
Customise and enhance WorkflowMax’s project tracking functionality with a huge range of software add-ons.

Tools to get paid & grow your business

WorkflowMax Purchase Orders
Track your orders to each job, so you can add them to your invoice with one easy click.
Practice Cloud
Calculate and brand your invoice however you like, and save time with bulk invoicing.
Class Super
Dig deep into your project management system and discover trends in your business that you can utilize to increase profit.
Invoices and purchase orders are automatically pushed into Xero for easy, end-to-end business management.

Why integrated project management software is better



icon_more_toolsMore tools, more problems
Most online project management systems do one or two things and usually don’t integrate with each other. Hence, many businesses are forced to use multiple tools to get jobs done.
icon_all_in_oneAll-in-one toolkit
WorkflowMax’s suite of online project management tools work together seamlessly, letting you focus on getting stuff done, not on cobbling together different tools and apps.
icon_siloed_dataSiloed data = no business insights
Every tool has its own reports, analytics and formats. This makes it impossible for managers to track the important metrics across the whole business
icon_business_intelligenceBusiness intelligence at a click
Get answers to questions that matter. All your data is in one place, allowing you to gain visibility over all the important details of your business.
icon_increased_costIncreased costs & lost productivity
Having multiple tools quickly becomes an expensive exercise, costing the business hundreds of hours in training and licensing.
icon_less_trainingLess training, more doing
Get your staff up to speed quickly. Learning one integrated project management software is 10x faster than getting trained in multiple softwares.
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