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Collaborate with document management software.

Access all your important project information quickly with centralised document management software. Great for remote working and team collaboration.

Screenshot of the document management system

All your project files securely stored in one place

Save hours of time

Save hours of time and automate your email and document storage processes in WorkflowMax. Create your own unique account email and simply send your important attachments and emails directly to the job.

Screenshot of document configuration

Integrate with Drive, Box or Dropbox

Store information directly in WorkflowMax. Or integrate with your favourite leading cloud document management system (DMS) provider - Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. Enable your team to easily access documents and collaborate, sync across multiple devices while enjoying the enhanced security and configuration benefits.

Screenshot of box, Dropbox, and Google Drive integration

Free storage of up to 25GB

By default, any documents you load into the Documents tab of a job will be stored in WorkflowMax’s own ISO 2000 compliant servers - for free. There is no charge for storage up to 25GB.

Screenshot of storage allocations

Our pricing

Check out the range of scalable plans to suit you and your business. Experience all the benefits of an enterprise-grade system, without having to pay thousands of dollars. No setup fees. No upfront costs.

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6 reasons you’ll love WorkflowMax document manager

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Always at your fingertips

Access all your job specific emails and documents from one secure place anywhere, anytime.

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Store emails and documents

Never misplace a document or email again. Auto store everything against the correct client and job with just a few clicks.

Icon of a lightbulb with a dollar sign inside

It's free!

Get up to 25GB of documents FREE on WorkflowMax servers, enabling you to cut costs on cloud storage.

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Choose your integration

Need additional storage capacity? Integrate with world-leading document management systems like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive.

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Docs on the run

Upload photos from your phone to the appropriate folder, and store these directly against the client and or the job in WorkflowMax.

Icon of two people with interswapping arrows

Improve workflow efficiency

Your client and team can access changes faster, and you can do the work you need to do anywhere in the world.

“We don’t have to jump between two different platforms to find things. BOX + WorkflowMax is a match made in heaven for us.”
Steph Hinds Growthwise

Got questions? We have answers!

No, unfortunately, you can only enable one system at a time! Once your chosen integration is live, your documents will be stored in that particular Document Management System rather than in WorkflowMax. The Documents tab provides a window into the selected platform so that you can view and manage documents in that platform directly from WorkflowMax.
Yes! It’s pretty easy to switch systems, but you’ll need to turn off the current Document Management System you’ve enabled first.
The documents are stored in your Document Management System so any editing of the documents must be done in there.

Unfortunately it’s a one way integration. With a document management solution (DMS) connected to your WorkflowMax account, it will automatically move your files from WorkflowMax to the DMS, and not the other way round.

The only way to stop this happening would be to disconnect the DMS, and if in future you want to get the documents back into WorkflowMax, you'll need to download them from the DMS then manually upload them to the required Documents tab.

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