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What’s in it for you and your clients?

  1. Partnering with WorkflowMax means your clients will get the benefit of your expertise while you boost the value of your services. In addition, you’ll achieve Xero partner points, status and recognition, and a toolkit to help grow your business.
  2. Become a better business advisor by getting real-time data on your clients' day-to-day business. WorkflowMax helps you to generate long-term income by owning client subscriptions.
  3. Position your practice as above others by joining industry leading Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Software Implementation Specialists recommending cloud-computing solutions like WorkflowMax and Xero.

The Advisor Program

Got questions? We have answers

Who is the course for?

The WorkflowMax advisor course is open to Xero Partners and approved implementation partners and consultants. 

How do I get certified?

It’s easy, fill in the form on this page and we will send you all the information to get yourself set-up on our training platform. Once you’ve completed the modules we will give you a special badge and tools to promote yourself as an advisor.

Will I be listed on the WorkflowMax website?

Not at this stage, long-term plan is that you will be featured as a certified advisor on the Xero Advisor Directory this development is being worked on right now.

How long does the certification last?

At this stage the certification does not expire. That said, we strongly advise all advisors to visit our support centre and webinars regular to keep their knowledge up to date. 

Is the course free or do I need to purchase access?

We offer our current WorkflowMax advisor course free of charge.

Can I upskill?

Absolutely! Stay tuned for some exciting new developments about how to continue your learning journey with WorkflowMax and move into the integrator / implementer space.

I’d like to talk to someone in your team

Sure you can reach out to our key Partner Channel Managers in each region

Or contact our support team here anytime to connect with us

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