With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Really power up your business with Xero.

By integrating with Xero you'll enjoy everything you need to maximise your business performance. Data entered into WorkflowMax flows seamlessly into Xero - saving time and eliminating double-handling.

Screenshot of Xero and Workflowmax integration

A powerful business solution at your fingertips

Push sales invoices into Xero with a single click

Issue and approve a sales invoice in WorkflowMax and it is instantly and automatically replicated in Xero. No more duplication of effort. And data entry errors are eliminated!

Screenshot of invoicing information within Xero

WorkflowMax and Xero - always fully reconciled

Customer payments against sales invoices in Xero are automatically synced with the corresponding sales invoice in WorkflowMax, automatically keeping both systems reconciled at all times.

Screenshots of reconciling invoices between WorkflowMax and Xero

Seamless cost management

Entering your suppliers' invoices into WorkflowMax will correctly update your job profitability reporting and create a bill payable in Xero. Two birds. One stone!

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All systems in sync - at all times

Be confident that your job profitability reporting is always accurate in WorkflowMax. And that your enterprise profitability reporting is always accurate in Xero. Achieve both at all times with a single integrated process.

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Six reasons you’ll love WorkflowMax and Xero together

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Instant and automatic every time

Both sales and purchase invoices are duplicated in Xero - instantly, accurately and automatically every time.

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See your job profitability and business profitability

Link Xero with WorkflowMax and achieve accurate job AND business profitability insights with a single process.

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Don't duplicate data entry!

Data moves between Xero and WorkflowMax with a single click. Eliminate duplicated admin work and data entry errors. Spend your time on more important tasks.

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Fully and reliably reconciled - at all times

Your data is fully reconciled at all times, giving you the confidence to rely on both your job management and financial management reports.

Icon of invoice

Update contact information in one system, not two

Add a new client or update contact information in WorkflowMax and it will auto-update in Xero as well.

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Complete end-to-end business solution

The combination of WorkflowMax and Xero really does offer a complete all-in-one solution for almost any small or medium business that works on almost any type of project.

victoria read entrion consulting
“WorkflowMax is very easy to use and integrates easily with Xero. I feel like we have a world-class ERP system for a fraction of the costs.”
Victoria Read Entrion Consulting

Got questions? We have answers!

Whichever you prefer. You can choose whether you would like to see it as a draft or approved invoice.
Yes you can, and you can map your codes at the generic, job category or individual task and cost level. So you have maximum flexibility as to how you pre-code your invoices as they arrive in Xero. 
Yes you can - just tick the box in the Xero integration screen that says '

Yes you can. You can specify the invoice numbering prefix (eg INV- or I-) and invoice 'next number' in both Xero and WorkflowMax, and then choose which of these two sequences you want to use for your actual invoices.

Again you have the choice. WorkflowMax offers you more flexibility about how invoices can be presented to clients. For example WorkflowMax can display full time sheet detail, amongst other things. If you choose to send the  Xero version of the same invoice, you can take advantage of Xero's online payments and auto-reminder functionality. 

Purchase orders are simply requests to purchase something. The actual financial transaction doesn't happen until you 'receipt-in' the purchase order using the information on the supplier's invoice. At that time WorkflowMax will push the supplier invoice into Xero as a bill payable.

So purchase orders do not push across into Xero, but purchase order receipts (ie a version of your supplier's invoice) do push over to Xero - instantly and automatically updating your bills payable ledger.

Additional features

Lead manager Track your leads, proposals and sales projections all in one place. Learn more
Client manager
Client manager Manage your client relationships and store information about them in one place. Learn more
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Quoting Send professionally branded, highly customised quotes in minutes. Learn more
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Document management Store, manage and share documents directly in WorkflowMax or through Box, DropBox and Google Drive. Learn more
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Job, task and staff management View and manage all aspects of all jobs from one place. See at a glance what’s tracking to deadline and what jobs are running behind. Learn more
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Time tracking Track and report on every minute of every day, for every staff member throughout the year. Choose from six different ways to enter timesheets. Learn more
Collaboration manager Send emails and attachments directly to a job or quote so everyone can collaborate. Learn more
Group (3)
Mobile Track time offsite, view jobs, contact clients and record your time on the go, from anywhere. Learn more
Group 272
Work in progress manager WIP manager lets you easily view and manage all of your un-invoiced work in progress on all of your jobs. Don't get underpaid again. Learn more
Group 272 (1)
Invoicing Create invoices any way you want and send them all in a few simple clicks. Control every aspect from how your invoices look to what information gets displayed. Learn more
Xero integration Link with Xero to instantly and automatically keep your job management and accounting data fully reconciled at all times. Learn more
Group 272 (2)
Reporting Use the report builder to build any report you want in seconds including invoice analysis, debtors, performance, time and WIP. Learn more
Group 256
Purchase orders Manage your purchase orders and accurately track actual costs against budgeted costs. Learn more
Group 274-1
Job costing & profitability report See your profitability in seconds and make decisions on whether you’re charging enough. Learn more
Group (4)
Performance reporting View your most profitable employees, understand profitability across different client categories and know which services make you the most money. Learn more
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