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Real-time business intelligence reporting.

Reporting tools to help you work smarter and gain insights into productivity, performance, workflow and profitability. Stop losing money, and make better business decisions based on real-time data.

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Any information you need – we’ve got the report to match

View a snapshot of your performance anytime

With business performance reporting you can get a snapshot of how you’re tracking at anytime. See who your most profitable employees are and understand profitability across different client categories. Uncover which services are most valuable and which ones are holding you back. Improve your business processes and make more money!

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Get better visibility with timesheet reporting

This series of invoicing reports help you to understand where your time is going. View staff timesheet entries to see resource allocation and capacity. View estimated hours against actuals and know if you're on track with what you have quoted. Get better visibility over staff productivity - view time billed vs. remainder

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See your profitability in seconds with Invoice reporting

This suite of reports will help you get full visibility and understanding over profitability. Get an instant snapshot of billable jobs and improve cash flow. See how much money you've generated and find out who hasn't paid. View Work-In-Progress billing by job, partner, or whatever you like.

Screenshot of different report types including table, bar chart, and pie chart

Build & customise your own reports

Want to report on custom fields? Create your own report using the Report Builder feature. Get an instant snapshot of billable jobs and improve cash flow. See how much money you've generated. Find out who hasn't paid - and follow up. View Work-In-Progress billing - by job, partner, or whatever you like.

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Reasons you’ll love reporting in WorkflowMax

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Your data, your way

If it’s about your business and you want to know the answer, you can generate a report and … voila!

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Visualise and compare

Graphs, diagrams and charts help you discover trends you can utilize to increase profit.

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Improve accountability

Learn from previous projects, identify opportunities and make better business decisions.

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Drill down deeper

Fields such as job numbers are presented as links that you can follow that job's job information screen.

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Build and customise

Create reports that are specific and relevant to your business. Slice and dice your data however you like.

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Share with your team

Easily publish your report and distribute with stakeholders.

"As a reporting tool, WorkflowMax carries huge value, because you can splice and dice the data however you like. You can ask WorkflowMax to do triple backflips and it will."
Cymon Allfrey Director, Allfrey&South Architects

Got questions? We have answers!

Currently there isn't a way for reports to be run without user intervention, but after creating a report in Report Builder, simply save the report to have quick access next time.
You sure can! You can create pie charts, bar graphs and table reports within the Report Builder.
Unfortunately, you cannot modify the layout of ready-made reports.
We have a list of system reports which are tailored to the common reporting needs of most businesses, but if want to report on something more specific, use our flexible Report Builder.

We invest heavily in protecting your data from malicious attacks and system failures. Your data is safe with us.

WorkflowMax is hosted in Enterprise Grade hosting facilities in the USA. We use redundant hardware, networks, data centers and infrastructure to ensure that if any component fails, WorkflowMax will keep on running – with little or no disruption to your service. WorkflowMax uses data centers in multiple locations, with data being synced between them. In the event of a disaster at one location, we can switch to another, ensuring our service continues to operate.

No one can get access to your files unless you let them. You set the level of user permission, and are able to control who is invited into your organization. We encrypt all data between you and WorkflowMax to ensure it can’t be seen by others. Your web session is encrypted using industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security) protecting your user ID, password and financial data.

Additional Features

Lead manager Track your leads, proposals and sales projections all in one place. Learn more
Client manager
Client Manager Manage your client relationships and store information about them one place and sync with other apps. Learn more
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Quoting Send professionally branded, highly customised quotes in minutes. Learn more
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Document management Store, manage and share documents directly in WorkflowMax or through Box, DropBox and Google Drive. Learn more
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Job, task and staff management View and manage all aspects of all jobs from one place. See at a glance what’s tracking to deadline and what jobs are running behind. Learn more
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Time tracking Track and report on every minute, of every day, for every staff member throughout the year, with over 6 different ways to enter timesheets. Learn more
Collaboration manager Send emails and attachments directly to a job or quote in WorkflowMax for everyone to collaborate. Learn more
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Mobile Track time offsite, view jobs and contact clients and record your time on the go, from anywhere. Learn more
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Work in progress manager WIP manager allows you to easily view and manage all of your un-invoiced WIP on all of your jobs, in one place. Never miss being underpaid again. Learn more
Group 272 (1)
Invoicing Create invoices, any way you want, and send them, all in a few simple clicks. Control every aspect of your invoice, from how it looks to what information gets displayed. Learn more
Xero integration Instantly and automatically keep your job management software and accounting software fully reconciled at all times with the seamless flow of information. Learn more
Group 272 (2)
Reporting Use the report builder to build any report you want in seconds. Invoice analysis, debtors, performance, time and WIP. Never miss getting underpaid again. Learn more
Group 256
Purchase orders Manage your Purchase Orders and accurately track actual costs against budgeted costs. Learn more
Group 274-1
Job costing & profitability report See your profitability in seconds and make decisions on whether you’re charging enough. Learn more
Group (4)
Performance reporting View your most profitable employees, understand profitability across different client categories and know which services make you the most money. Learn more
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