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Easy online quoting and estimating software.

Estimating software for fast, accurate and professional quotes. Utilise time estimates, client history and invoicing, so you can quote what you’re worth, and bill instantaneously.

Screenshot of WorkflowMax's quoting system

Professional, customisable quotes, estimates, budgets prepared in seconds. Delivered in minutes.

Turn your leads into quotes and then jobs with a few simple clicks

Generate a quote in minutes using job templates and customise it however you like. Once ‘accepted’, instantly transform your quote into a job and save time on account management. When the job is finished, generate an invoice from your quote and get paid faster.

Screenshot of WorkflowMax's lead to quote system

Win more business with professional looking quotes

Reinforce your brand strategy and present professionally designed and branded quotes on the spot, using our fully customised quote print templates tool.

Example of a professional looking quote.

Quote any way you want, fast

Choose from a number of different types of estimating templates. Create a one pager or design a 10 page proposal document to WOW your prospects and customers. Preparing a quote literally takes seconds - you can base it on staff rates, project rates, or time. It’s easy.

Screenshot of uploading a template

Reduce double-handling

Client details are carried through from leads or jobs and populate automatically. Enter the job description, budget, and due dates.

Screenshot of estimating

Add and reorder tasks

If you’re using a quote template, some tasks will be pre-populated. To save time simply add more or select from your saved list and reorder tasks as needed.

Screenshot of job ordering

Get real transparency on job costs

Show all costs associated with the job and easily adjust as you need. Add optional extras to your quotes and upsell clients on your services with the click of a button. Then view your gross profit margin against each quote.

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6 Reasons you’ll love estimating and quoting in WorkflowMax

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Create quotes in just a few clicks

With quickly generated estimates, you can respond to queries fast and capture more prospects!

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Save time with quote templates

Use templates for common job types, enabling repeatability and accuracy. The faster you send a quote through, the faster it gets approved and you can get to work!

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Seamless flow of information

Client information populates through from leads or jobs, saving you time and ensuring there is no double entry!

Icon of a cog with user inside it

Easily customise your quotes

Impress your clients by sending professionally designed quotes for your specific industry, with your own branding, terms and conditions.

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Flexible quoting options

Whether you’re quoting per project or based off labour and materials, you have the flexibility to choose.

Icon of four rectangles with top left and bottom right connected in the middle

Follow up with ease

In the quote system you can see at a glance the status of all your quotes, and which need to be closed.

“Quoting is one of the coolest features of WorkflowMax. If somebody calls me and tells me he wants a website, I can send a quote while he’s still on the phone!”
Brett Hancock Creative Director, Born Digital

Got questions? We have answers!

There is no difference to WorkflowMax between a Quote and an Estimate, it all comes down to the name and legally how you have to bill. A quote is usually what you would charge your client; an Estimate gives more flexibility to charge on the Actual time and costs.
Of course! The beauty of quoting in WorkflowMax is that the quote can be customised to suit your business. You can add your branding and custom terms and conditions, even make your quote as long as you need with the handy multi-page option. And the best part is, once you’ve designed it as you like, you can save your quote as a template to re-use in the future!
Simply select “new option” at the bottom of your quote to enter custom information like your terms and conditions to help you get paid correctly. You can easily the description and any notes you want to include.
One of the great features of WorkflowMax is the ability to set up multiple quote templates for various kinds of jobs, saving you time and effort. Check out this video for detailed information.
You sure can, but there is only ever one “master quote” on the job. So for example – if you created multiple quotes on the job then only the latest accepted quote would be referred to when creating an invoice based on the quoted value.

WorkflowMax gives you the option of using job folders for each phase. When quoting, make use of job templates to create your quote. On your job template you can create default folders, save the template header and then add your milestones, tasks and cost, selecting the appropriate default folder for each item.

Then, when you create your quote, all you need to do is select the first phase template and then within the quote choose Options > Apply additional templates.

Additional Features

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Client manager
Client Manager Manage your client relationships and store information about them one place and sync with other apps. Learn more
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Quoting Send professionally branded, highly customised quotes in minutes. Learn more
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Document management Store, manage and share documents directly in WorkflowMax or through Box, DropBox and Google Drive. Learn more
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Job, task and staff management View and manage all aspects of all jobs from one place. See at a glance what’s tracking to deadline and what jobs are running behind. Learn more
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Time tracking Track and report on every minute, of every day, for every staff member throughout the year, with over 6 different ways to enter timesheets. Learn more
Collaboration manager Send emails and attachments directly to a job or quote in WorkflowMax for everyone to collaborate. Learn more
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Mobile Track time offsite, view jobs and contact clients and record your time on the go, from anywhere. Learn more
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Work in progress manager WIP manager allows you to easily view and manage all of your un-invoiced WIP on all of your jobs, in one place. Never miss being underpaid again. Learn more
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Invoicing Create invoices, any way you want, and send them, all in a few simple clicks. Control every aspect of your invoice, from how it looks to what information gets displayed. Learn more
Xero integration Instantly and automatically keep your job management software and accounting software fully reconciled at all times with the seamless flow of information. Learn more
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Reporting Use the report builder to build any report you want in seconds. Invoice analysis, debtors, performance, time and WIP. Never miss getting underpaid again. Learn more
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Purchase orders Manage your Purchase Orders and accurately track actual costs against budgeted costs. Learn more
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Job costing & profitability report See your profitability in seconds and make decisions on whether you’re charging enough. Learn more
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Performance reporting View your most profitable employees, understand profitability across different client categories and know which services make you the most money. Learn more
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