With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Don’t let billable work fall through the cracks.

Get an immediate and transparent view of the billable value of your work in progress with the WIP manager. See and manage all your un-invoiced work and create invoices on the go. Never get underpaid again.

Screenshot of Work in Progress manager

Your work in progress all in one place

With the WIP manager, you can get a snapshot of how your current jobs are tracking at any time. See the age of your work in progress, the total live billable value, which jobs and clients are most profitable, and the status at which they currently sit.

Screenshot showing time, disbursements, interims, total wip, and estimated billings

Drive profitability

Gain real-time insights into your project and client profitability. Make better business decisions, bill effectively and prioritise jobs. Identify poorly performing jobs quickly and devise strategies to fix them.

Screenshot showing real time client profitability

Never miss an invoice again

With all your un-invoiced work in one place and the ability to generate intuitive and customisable invoices as you go, the WIP manager is designed to make sure that all WIP is invoiced out, and none is accidentally lost.

Screenshot of invoice generator

Prioritise clients and projects

With the WIP manager, the projected billable values of your clients and jobs are easily distinguished. Whether you are looking at improving cash flow or clearing job backlogs to streamline capacity, prioritising your clients and projects has never been easier.

Screenshot of WIP Manager

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Six reasons you’ll love WIP management in WorkflowMax

Icon of person with light bulb next to their head

Drill down deeper

Get clarity at a granular level. Fields such as time and disbursements are presented as links so you can drill into the details. Basic commands then refine your data even further.

Icon depicting person hierarchy

Improve accountability

Prioritise current projects and clients based on projected profitability and time. Manage resourcing and make better business decisions.

Icon of coin

Seamless invoicing

Invoice your way and generate draft invoices directly from the WIP manager as you go. Invoices will automatically appear in your invoice manager for final dispatch.

Icon of a person with dollar sign adjacent

Understand your value

The dashboard panel separates out the total WIP into the value of your time and disbursements less any interim payments (usually deposit invoices), meaning the value of your outstanding WIP is always clear.

Icon of a flag with tick within

Easier forecasting and cash flow management

Get a snapshot of all un-invoiced work on your books and manage future costs, commitments and projected income with greater clarity.

Icon of cog with person inside

Get a birds-eye view

With a transparent view of all your work in progress in one spot, you can plan both billings and necessary resource with accuracy and confidence.

“In a matter of seconds I can look in WorkflowMax and see the profitability of all my jobs instantly - that’s priceless”
Jarrad Morgan Owner/Builder SA Construction

Got questions? We have answers!

Yes. Whether or not the job has a quote, whether or not any actual time and costs have accumulated, and irrespective of the job state (even jobs in the ‘Cancelled’ job state), every job you ever create will be listed on the 'List' tab of the WIP manager.

Jobs will stay indefinitely on the WIP manager until one of the following occurs. A ‘final’ invoice is issued from within the job and no WIP is left on that job, the ‘Remove from Invoice List’ option is used on the ‘Financial’ tab of the job, or the job is removed from the ‘List’ tab in the WIP manager (this method can be used to remove multiple jobs once, rather than single jobs individually).

Additional features

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Work in progress manager WIP manager lets you easily view and manage all of your un-invoiced work in progress on all of your jobs. Don't get underpaid again. Learn more
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Invoicing Create invoices any way you want and send them all in a few simple clicks. Control every aspect from how your invoices look to what information gets displayed. Learn more
Xero integration Link with Xero to instantly and automatically keep your job management and accounting data fully reconciled at all times. Learn more
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Reporting Use the report builder to build any report you want in seconds including invoice analysis, debtors, performance, time and WIP. Learn more
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Purchase orders Manage your purchase orders and accurately track actual costs against budgeted costs. Learn more
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Job costing & profitability report See your profitability in seconds and make decisions on whether you’re charging enough. Learn more
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Performance reporting View your most profitable employees, understand profitability across different client categories and know which services make you the most money. Learn more
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