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Tip of the Week: Automatically populate leads from your website in WorkflowMax

Have you wondered how you can better streamline your business' lead capture process? With a clever WorkflowMax add-on, Formbasic, you can collect data on your website and send it directly to WorkflowMax lead manager, which will then carry through your entire sales process.

matthewpengTo help give you a better understanding of the benefits and features of how Formbasic and WorkflowMax work together, we spoke to Matthew Peng, director of Business Continuum, a certified WorkflowMax set-up partner based in Victoria, Australia helping customers get the most out of their cloud software solutions.


How does Formbasic work?


Matthew: Formbasic saves you the time and effort of manually entering leads captured through your website into your lead manager in WorkflowMax. It integrates with your existing ‘contact us’ page, with no noticeable difference to your website visitor’s experience.

Formbasic works with any site. It operates beneath your existing page so there’s no interruption to your brand. When someone fills out your website form, you’ll be notified by email, and the data will also populate WorkflowMax’s lead manager with the prospect’s information.

Essentially, what you’re doing is automating the whole data capture process and making your business open 24-hours for anyone who wants to engage.

What kind of information can you include?

Matthew: Anything that you want to capture that you would typically ask a client upfront can be automated over a web page. You can capture mandatory and non-mandatory information, as well as files.

One of the questions I ask my clients when setting up Formbasic is what sort of spreadsheets are they regularly updating. I try to incorporate this information and automate data capture to save time and create greater visibility for them.

Why do you recommend using WorkflowMax Lead Manager?

Matthew: Lead manager is great for forecasting future opportunities. Lead manager turns client information into a quote, the quote turns into a job, the job turns into an invoice. It means one system with no mucking around.

It really is one of the best-kept secrets of WorkflowMax. Businesses can start to spend money on driving traffic to their website versus spending money on just having someone sit behind a desk and wait for those calls to come in.

What are the benefits of using the Formbasic integration to input leads?

Matthew: Everyone is time poor, so you’ve got to make it as convenient and as easy as possible for customers to transact or engage with you.

How often have you filled out a contact form on a website and not had a response back? By having this information go straight to lead manager, you’ll get an email notification straight away. If you miss that email for whatever reason, a notification in lead manager can pop up and say ‘You’ve got an activity to call back the client’.

If you can get back to a prospect quickly, especially if the client has made a few web enquiries, it may give you a competitive edge when you are the first to respond and make a connection with them as a customer

Not only can you use Formbasic for lead and opportunity capture, but you can also update existing client details as well. One thing is that a lot of customers are probably thinking is: ‘It’d be great if I could start again, redesign, and add additional information about my customers’. They probably don’t know that they can make bulk edits without having to start from scratch. Users can introduce new information about their clients through the update-import function,by adding new custom fields.

How can WorkflowMax customers get set up with Formbasic?

Matthew: Users can easily go straight to Formbasic, tell them they are using Lead Manager and that they want their website contact page to talk directly to WorkflowMax.

Alternatively, there’s an opportunity here for businesses who have previously self-implemented to reach out to partners like myself to look at ways in which they can put back the focus on automation and workflow, where they have probably only done part of what they wanted to achieve. Many businesses don’t know what their business can or can’t automate until we start asking them questions, and that’s really what we’re here for.

Thanks Matthew! For more information about further streamlining your processes, check out more WorkflowMax add-ons.

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