Everything you need - in one integrated platform

WorkflowMax offers you a complete, cloud based solution to manage projects and jobs. It’s often all your business needs – but if you need even more features, we integrate with more than 30 world-class add-ons, so it’s easy to customise WorkflowMax exactly to your needs.

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Get more customers

  • Client Manager
    Client Manager:

    Stay organized by having all relevant information about your clients in one easy-to-navigate screen.

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  • Quoting

    Templates enable you to send professionally designed, branded, custom quotes within minutes and speed up the sales process.

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  • Lead Manager
    Lead Manager (CRM) module:
    • Track your leads, proposals and sales performance all in one place.
    • Automatically store emails, documents and other data against a lead.
    • Set up reminders so less leads fall through the cracks.
    • And once a lead is won, you can turn it into a new job with just a few clicks without having to reenter data.

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Save time & money

  • Job Management
    Job Management:
    • Easily see how your jobs are progressing against your quotes
    • Quickly see when tasks and milestones are due
    • Always know your capacity at a glance
    • See at a glance when you can schedule in more work

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  • Time Tracking
    Time Tracking:
    • Save time by letting your employees enter how much time they spend on projects - from wherever they are.
    • See how this measures up in real time against your quotes
    • Quickly pass time tracking data on to payroll.
    • Track time completely within WorkflowMax or use a third party widget that we integrate with (Actual, Adobe, Eon, EndGame, Prod Timer, Time Doctor).

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  • Mobile
    Mobile Site

    Sitting on a train? Hiking in the Alps? With our iOS app and simplified mobile site, you can track time, manage projects and jobs, and contact clients anywhere in the world.

    Want a native app for Android? Hold on tight, it’s coming soon.

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& grow
your business

  • Reporting

    Quickly and easily uncover inefficiencies and see where you can improve your business. With all data is in one place, you can see many useful standard performance reports at a glance - or quickly build your own custom reports.

    For example:

    • View estimated hours for a project against the actual time it's taking, so you know if you're on track.
    • Quickly see how much money you make from different staff members or which projects are the most profitable.
    • See which clients you are under- or overbilling.
    • Improve cashflow by getting an instant snapshot of billable jobs.
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  • Xero Integration
    Xero Integration:

    Owned by Xero, WorkflowMax offers the best integration with Xero accounting of any available app. Create an invoice in WorkflowMax, and simply push that data through to Xero. Enter information into one system, and it pops through on the other - automagically.

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  • Invoicing
    • Invoice online in a few quick clicks with only basic information about the project.
    • Control every aspect of your invoice, from how it looks through to what information gets displayed.
    • If you want, create a highly detailed invoice for your clients by adding staff, times, rate details, and extra notes with just a couple of clicks.

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Tools to stay organized

Need even more features?
WorkflowMax integrates with over 30
leading add-on softwares
(more than any other off the shelf solution)

WorkflowMax provides a comprehensive solution to manage your business from end to end. But if you need extra features, seamlessly integrate WorkflowMax with leading CRM, customer support, payroll or special time tracking softwares and more.

WorkflowMax integrates with 31 popular software solutions

(More than any other off-the-shelf job management application)

Why integrated project management software is better

As businesses grow, they often add softwares on ad-hoc, most of which integrate poorly with each other and lead to duplication of work. Data is siloed, hard to update, and tedious to analyse. Inefficiencies frequently go undetected.

WorkflowMax, in contrast, offers businesses a complete, powerful solution. With everything in one system and in the cloud, data is always up to date and accessible from anywhere. Reports give you real-time valuable insights at the click of a button.


More tools, more problems

Most online project management systems do one or two things and usually don’t integrate with each other. Hence, many businesses are forced to use multiple tools to get jobs done.

All-in-one toolkit

WorkflowMax’s suite of online project management tools work together seamlessly, letting you focus on getting stuff done, not wasting time switching between different tools and apps.

Siloed data = no business insights

Every tool has its own reports, analytics and formats. This makes it impossible for managers to track the important metrics across the whole business.

Powerful business intelligence

All your data is in one place; quickly generate reports and gain instant visibility over all the important details of your business.

Increased Costs & lost productivity

Having multiple tools quickly becomes an expensive exercise, costing the business hundreds of hours in training and licensing.

Less training, more doing

Get your staff up to speed quickly. Learning one integrated project management software is 10x faster than getting trained in multiple softwares.

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