Client Manager

View all your client information from one easy-to-navigate screen. Manage client collaboration and your relationships better and get more business.

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See all your client details in one place

online client management software
  1. Navigation bar

    Click on the different tabs to see all the details about your client. All the information is in one place for easy access.

  2. Contact information

    Quickly find out a client’s number, email or street address.

  3. Custom fields

    Store any information you like against a client, from credit details to birthdays.

Cymon Allfrey
Previously, back costing was incredibly time consuming. With WorkflowMax, I can pull out client information, quotes, invoices, etc on any job, and find what I need. It’s incredibly empowering to have everything at my fingertips – even when I’m out on site.
Cymon Allfrey, Registered Architect / Christchurch-based architecture practice

Different ways to search for and organise clients

customer management software
  1. Tab search

    Use the tabs to search Clients, Prospects or Archive.

  2. A-Z of clients

    Navigate your clients and prospects via the alphabetical index.

  3. Search bar

    Search for a client's name or business details.

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Keep clients organised

With our customer management software, all your client info is in one, easy-to-access location. Search and access any details about a client or prospect.

Worry-free maintenance

Software updates are seamless and automatic. Every few weeks we release innovative new features, which are automatically updated when you log in.

Need help?

Never get put on hold again. You have access to our email support team 24 hours a day for any queries you may have.

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