Collaboration Manager

Work together effortlessly with clients, staff and contractors in WorkflowMax with a range of online collaboration tools.

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Why you’ll love WorkflowMax Collaboration Manager

Staff management

Restrict staff access to certain jobs or functions. Maintain complete control over who sees what.

Client login

Set up WorkflowMax to allow clients to log in and see progress on their job. A great way to add value to your clients and stand out from competition.

Contractor login

Got contractors on your team? They can log in from any location and track their time against a job in your workflow system.

Capture the conversation

Emails are stored against a job within WorkflowMax. No more digging through thousands of emails in your inbox.
Peter J. Crook
We can give our client a login for the system, so they can see the status of the job. It demonstrates how transparent we are as a company, and that becomes a selling point to the client. It’s definitely a unique point-of-difference.
Peter J. Crook, Director, 7 Group / Auckland-based creative agency

Connect your emails to a job within WorkflowMax – automagically

online collaboration tools

Add a quote or job number to your client emails.

connect your emails to jobs in WorkflowMax

The email will be stored as a note against the job... automagically.

Take collaboration with clients to the next level

Private and secure

Don’t want clients to see who else you’re working for? Permissions allow you complete control over who views what.

Keep it together

You can scan and upload documents, PDFs, images and drawings against a job or a client – keep all the project information in one tidy place.

No more email attachments

Store, edit and share your documents in the cloud with WorkflowMax’s seamless integration with world-leading document management platforms like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Email notifications

Emails are stored against a job within WorkflowMax. No more digging through thousands of emails in your inbox.

The power of WorkflowMax client collaboration software

Access from anywhere

WorkflowMax is in the cloud, so even if your office was damaged by fire, theft or alien invasion, you can still access all your data and documents.

Own your data

No tricks, no tomfoolery. Your data in the cloud remains the property of your company. With WorkflowMax, you’re in control.

We protect and serve

We invest heavily in protecting your data against malicious attacks and system failures, and we’re always one step ahead of the crooks. Your data is safe with us.
Rome May
WorkflowMax saves me at least 15 hours per month. By having everything – leads, quotes, time sheeting, emails, documents, and invoices – in one place. I can manage the client, designer, builder, and the council very easily.
Rome May, Office Manager, Buildology / Auckland-based architecture practice

How does collaboration manager fit into your workflow?

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