All your files in one easily accessible place

Never waste a moment looking for critical project information again.

document management

Store up to 25GB in WorkflowMax

By default, any documents you load into the Documents tab of a job will be stored in WorkflowMax itself.

document management

Or choose a Document Management System (DMS)

Under your business settings, you can enable integration with a Document Management System of your choosing.

document management

Authorise the integration

One you’ve decided which system you want to integrate with, simply hit “enable” - easy!

document management

Make a parent folder and start storing!

Choose the folder for storing documents. The documents tab provides a window into your selected integration so that you can view and manage documents in that platform directly from WorkflowMax.

Integrate with leading cloud-based document management softwares

Dropbox icon


A popular document management system, allowing files to be synced across multiple devices and up to 2GB of free storage.

Google drive icon

Google Drive

A powerful online document storage and management system created by the world’s most powerful search engine.

box icon


A clever document management system offering detailed version-tracking and tons of cool collaboration features.


“We don’t have to jump between two different platforms to find things. Box + WorkflowMax is a match made in heaven for us.”


It’s easy - no credit cards, no contracts.

Reasons you’ll love WorkflowMax Document Manager:

server icon

25GB free storage

Get up to 25GB of documents FREE on WorkflowMax servers, enabling you to cut costs on cloud storage.

integration icon

Choose your integration

Need additional storage capacity? Integrate with world-leading document management systems like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive.

calendar icon

Stay up to date

Sync files between your desktop and other devices and keep everyone on the same page (no pun intended)

mobile icon

Docs on the run

Upload photos from your phone to the appropriate folder, and store these directly against the Client and or the job in WorkflowMax.

travel icon

Access anywhere

Cloud based storage means you can work from anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection!

workflow icon

Improve workflow efficiency

Your client and team can access changes faster, and you can do the work you need to do anywhere in the world.

Ian Morris image

“We use the document manager for any financial documents related to each project. It is very quick and easy to use.”

Ian Morris, Owner, Threerooms / Creative agency

Got questions? We have answers

Can I use more than one document management system with WorkflowMax?

YNo, unfortunately you can only enable one system at a time! Once your chosen integration is live, your documents will be stored in that particular Document Management System rather than in WorkflowMax. The Documents tab provides a window into the selected platform so that you can view and manage documents in that platform directly from WorkflowMax.

I want to switch document management systems, is this possible?

Yes! It’s pretty easy to switch systems, but you’ll need to turn off the current Document Management System you’ve enabled first.

Can I edit documents that are uploaded into the DMS?

The documents are stored in your Document Management System so any editing of the documents must be done in there.

Can I store a document in WorkflowMax that’s already in my DMS?

Unfortunately it’s a one way integration. With a document management solution (DMS) connected to your WorkflowMax account, it will automatically move your files from WorkflowMax to the DMS, and not the other way round.

The only way to stop this happening would be to disconnect the DMS, and if in future you want to get the documents back into WorkflowMax, you'll need to download them from the DMS then manually upload them to the required Documents tab.

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