Document Management

Store, manage and share documents in WorkflowMax and through leading third party document management tools.

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Leverage the seamless integration with leading softwares

Documents uploaded into WorkflowMax can be pushed into tools like Box, Dropbox or Drive.
25Gb free document management storage

25Gb free storage

You can store up to 25GB of documents FREE on WorkflowMax servers, enabling you to cut costs on cloud storage.
Google Drive

Google Drive

A powerful online document storage and management system created by the world’s most powerful search engine.


A popular document management system, allowing files to be synced across multiple devices and up to 2GB of free storage.


A clever document management system offering detailed version-tracking and tons of cool collaboration features.
Steph Hinds
The Document tab in WorkflowMax ensures we don’t have to jump between 2 different platforms to find things. Box + WorkflowMax is a match made in heaven for us.
Steph Hinds, Business Ninja, Growthwise / Newcastle-based business advisory firm

Why you’ll love WorkflowMax document management

Total control

Sync files between your desktop and other devices to ensure everyone stays up-to-date.

Version control

Use version numbers to ensure you're always editing the newest version of a document.

Docs on the run

Cool features enabling you to take a photo on your phone and upload it directly to the appropriate folder.

Sharing is caring

You can share files with staff and clients, no matter their size or file type.
Ian Morris
We use the document manager for any financial documents related to each project. It is very quick and easy to use.
Ian Morris, Owner, Threerooms / Nottingham-based creative agency

How does document management fit into your workflow?

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