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You’ve got a piping hot lead wanting to know what a job will cost them. Time is critical – you have to be accurate, but you also need to be fast – with WorkflowMax quoting software you can be both! Send reliable and completely customisable estimates in a few easy clicks. Keep your prospects happy with speedy online quoting.

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Why is WorkflowMax quoting software better?

Impress your clients

Send beautiful custom quotes in a matter of minutes.

Speed up the process

Customise your quote template for your specific industry.

The brand factor

Send professional quotes with your branding and logo.

Money talks

See how much you’ll make from each job so you can adjust your price accordingly.

Control your price

Use different markup percentages to give you total control over your final price.

Follow-up with ease

In the quote system you can see at a glance the status of all your quotes, and which need to be closed.
quoting software review Brett Hancock Auckland
Quoting is one of the coolest features of WorkflowMax. If somebody calls me and tells me he wants a website, I can send a quote while he’s still on the phone. I’ll go to templates, type the name in, adjust some figures, & bam!
Brett Hancock, Creative Director, Born Digital / Auckland-based digital studio

Create beautiful quotes – fast

Online quoting software
  1. Quote number

    The auto-generated quote number keeps your records tidy.

  2. Options

    Add your terms & conditions to help you get paid correctly.

  3. Multi-page option

    Got a lot to say? Your quote can be as long as you need.


Turn your quotes into jobs with a few simple clicks

Quoting software online


Generate a quote in minutes using job templates and customize it however you like.
quoting software that turns into jobs


Instantly transform quotes into jobs and save time on account management.
estimating software with Invoice creation


When the job is finished, generate an invoice from your quote and get paid quickly.

Save time with quote templates

Your time is valuable. Use templates for common job types. The faster you send a quote through, the faster it gets approved and you can get to work!
Online quote generator
  1. Choose a rate

    Quote based on staff rates, project rates, or time.

  2. Save templates

    Use existing quotes to create templates for future re-use.

  3. Tasks

    Separate out individual tasks for complete transparency.

  4. Job costs

    Separate out your external job costs (printing, contractors etc.)


The power of WorkflowMax quoting software is in the integration:

Fully customizable

Get your quote looking the way you want it. Add your own logo, branding, payment terms and optional extras. Retain complete control over your estimates.

Complete transparency

From quote to job to invoice, you can offer clients complete visibility. With an online quoting system, you have a record of exactly what’s been done on a job.

Control how you quote

Enjoy complete control by quoting time or labour + materials, or offer a per project fee. You can edit any quoted field to create a fully customized quote.

Our powerful quote management system gives you full control

Quote management system
  1. Revisions

    One-click revisions allow you to satisfy those indecisive clients.

  2. Client

    Details are carried through from leads or jobs to the quote system and populate … automagically.

  3. Tasks

    Add tasks from your saved list for quick and simple quoting.

  4. Costs

    Show external costs associated with the job.

  5. Show me the money

    See your gross profit margin against each quote.

  6. Fries with that?

    Add optional extras to your quote and upsell clients on your services.

  7. Issue & print

    Sign, seal and deliver your quote direct to your client’s email.

quoting software review by Eric Catania in Florida

I can produce an amazingly accurate quote in less than 5 minutes. It's been transformative for us.
Eric Catania, CEO, Digital Reality / Florida-based IT services

How does online quoting software fit into your workflow?

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