See a visual snapshot of your lead activity

Get a high level overview of your sales pipeline from the Dashboard.

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Track staff performance

Find out who is bringing in the most business. Add specific lead activities to certain staff members and ensure these are ticked off when completed.

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View leads by category

Group leads by category and get an overview of lead status, represented visually.

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Leads won for month

Track your business from month to month and see results that really matter.

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Capture precious lead information in one place

Enter as many details as possible on the client and nature of work. See a history of lead activity – so if the lead needs to be picked up by another staff member, or in a few weeks time, it’s easy to tell exactly what activity has taken place.

Turn your leads into jobs with a few simple clicks


Enter all the details into the lead management software.


Mark your lead as ‘won’ and flip your quote or estimate to be a job template. Assign your staff, add in your schedule and close your sales loop.


When the job is finished, generate an invoice and get paid quickly.


“We were forgetting to follow-up, losing phone numbers … now we get back to a lead within a week. It is just brilliant”


It’s easy - no credit cards, no contracts.

6 Reasons you’ll love WorkflowMax Lead Manager

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Easy online lead management

Access your lead information anywhere, anytime. Get an overview of what stage your leads are at and know exactly when to follow-up.

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View a snapshot of lead status

Get a visual overview of what stage your leads are at and know exactly when to follow-up so you can convert them quickly!

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All in one place

Follow up emails, quotes, notes - all get cc’d into the unique lead email address so you can pick up right where you left off.

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Reduce lead to customer time

Spend time on only your most qualified leads. Set notifications and never forget to follow up with a hot prospect!

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Lead templates save time

Use lead templates for prospects that require a similar pattern of follow up, with pre determined activities that will make the process faster.

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Easily convert leads to jobs

In just a few clicks you can turn prospects into projects! Enter lead information once and it flows through the entire process.

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"Quoting is one of the coolest features of WorkflowMax. If somebody calls me and tells me he wants a website, I can send a quote while he’s still on the phone. I’ll go to templates, type the name in, adjust some figures, & bam!"

Brett Hancock, Creative Director, Born Digital

Got questions? We have answers

I’m not sure which invoicing option is better for my business – based on a quoted amount, or based on actual time or costs?

Generally businesses within specific industry types tend to invoice in a similar fashion but it depends very much on the type of work you do. For example, if you’re a creative agency, you might invoice when the job is complete, based on a quoted price. If you have much longer term work engagements you might use work in progress (WIP) billing processes, where all time and costs worked in a period are captured and bundled up as a progress invoice. The great thing is that WorkflowMax is flexible enough to cater for the varying nature of invoicing within your industry vertical

Can I add my logo to my invoices?

You sure can! WorkflowMax lets you customise your invoice. Use Custom Templates to create beautiful invoices that reflect your brand.

In my business we sometimes need to send invoices as we go...Is this possible in WorkflowMax?

It sure is. You can create multiple progress invoices when you need to invoice a client for ongoing work on a job.

We invoice our progress every month e.g. 70% one month then the remaining 30% in the following month. Can this be achieved with WorkflowMax?

Yes it sure can! If you have created a quote for the project, you can issue a progress invoice as a percentage of the quoted value as you go. Keep track of your uninvoiced 'Work-In-Progress' (WIP) from the financial tab of the job or under Business and “Work in Progress”. !

We send out invoices for work regularly, can we automate this in WorkflowMax?

Currently – if you’ve chosen to integrate your WorkflowMax account with Xero – you can set up recurring invoices in Xero and import this manually into recurring jobs in WorkflowMax. If you upgrade to Workflowmax Premium, as long as the references matchup, invoices can automatically flow back from Xero to the respective jobs. For more information contact one of our product specialists and they’ll be happy to help!

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