Sitting on a train? Hiking in the Alps? With WorkflowMax for iOS and Android you can work from anywhere.

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Work more effectively on the go – from wherever you are

If you spend a lot of time on the move, checking in on clients, visiting job sites, completing tasks and recording time as you go – WorkflowMax for iOS will make it easier for you to go about business, from anywhere in the world
Mobile workflow management
  1. Your day at a glance

    Stay on top of your daily to-dos

  2. Simple and intuitive

    Designed to help you do what you need to as swiftly as possible.

  3. Access client information at a glance

    Call, message or email directly from the app.

  4. Capture time easily

    Add time at the touch of a button


Easily manage your jobs on the move

A powerful mobile workflow management system
  1. Manage job details effortlessly

    Get job information at a glance

  2. Stay on track

    Tick off milestones as you complete them

  3. Collaborate with notes

    View or edit notes in a particular job

  4. Open attachments

    View documents associated with your jobs

  5. View & edit costs

    View or add costs to jobs


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Download Android App

Do your best work...on the go

User friendly & intuitive

Take advantage of quick swipe controls and the simplicity of the interface, so you can get on with doing what you do best

Work from anywhere

Work on any iOS 9 supported device, from anywhere in the world, whether you’re at a bistro in Paris or a monastery in Tibet

Real-time updates

The iOS app syncs automatically with the WorkflowMax web app so you can pick up right where you left off

Don’t have an iOS 9 compatible device? No problem! The WorkflowMax mobile site provides your complete business workflow at your fingertips.

A powerful mobile workflow management system
  1. Job costs

    Just bought stamps? Key costs against a job while on the go.

  2. Update status

    Finished a job on the road? Change the status with a simple tap.

Mitch Cooke
Some of our consultants spend quite a lot of their time in summer on site, doing surveys, so we need a system that we can access remotely rather than coming back to the physical PC to log on – both for doing project related but also for tracking time.
Mitch Cooke, Director, Greengage / London-based consultancy

How does mobile workflow management fit into your workflow?

No credit card required.