Purchase Orders

Manage your outgoings and track purchase orders against job costing.

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Why are WorkflowMax purchase orders better?

Bulk purchase orders

Separate out items in a purchase order across multiple jobs.

Xero integrated

Supplier invoices are pushed seamlessly into Xero - giving you a complete solution.

Eliminate double entry

Save time by entering purchase order data once and have it appear in Xero and WorkflowMax.

Get accurate job costing

Supplier change the price on you? Keep on top of job costs and bill clients accordingly.
Alexandra Petersen
WorkflowMax's purchase orders functionality is awesome. The seamless transfer of information both ways is extremely handy and saves us hours and hours of time.
Lance Retter, Co-founder and COO, Conquest Solutions / Atlanta-based IT services

Raising purchase orders has never been simpler

Online purchase order management software
  1. Supplier information

    Store supplier details for easy processing of purchase orders.

  2. Connect purchase order to a job

    Store purchase orders against a specific job, to keep track of costs.

  3. Issue & email

    Issue the order and email it to the supplier immediately.

  4. Issue & receipt

    Complete your job costing by issuing and receipting a supplier invoice.

Receive supplier invoices without first raising a purchase order

Online purchase order system
  1. No double entry

    The same invoice number will be sent through to Xero.

  2. Highly flexible

    You can add extra items if an item hasn't shown up on your PO.

  3. Send to Xero

    Send this receipt over to Xero, and complete your job costing.

The power of WorkflowMax purchase order management software is in the integration

A complete solution

With Xero and WorkflowMax integrated together, you have a powerful, end-to-end business solution at your fingertips.

Worry-free maintenance

Software updates are seamless and automatic. Every few weeks we release innovative new features, which are automatically updated when you log in.

Need help?

Never get put on hold again. You have access to our email support team 24 hours a day for any queries you may have.

Receive orders in full or in part

Receive orders in full or in part
  1. Full receipt

    Got the full order? Check and pay now.

  2. Partial receipt

    Use this if you've only received part of an order.

Manage purchase orders in one place - no more double entry

Manage purchase orders in one place - no more double entry

Raise purchase orders in WorkflowMax, and add as job costs as you receipt supplier invoices. These are automatically pushed into Xero for payment.

purchase order integration with Xero

Switch to Xero to approve payment - Easy!

How do purchase orders fit into your workflow?

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