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Sick of manually inputting timesheet info? Now, employees take control of their own timesheets, and WorkflowMax does the rest.

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Manage projects / Timesheets

Why is WorkflowMax time tracking software better?

No More Excel

With the WorkflowMax timesheet app, employees can complete their own timesheets online, leaving you free to get on with your own tasks.

Keep Tabs on the Business

Our project time tracking software will show you who has been working on each job and how long it has taken them.

Seamless Integration

Save time on employee timesheet data entry by exporting your weekly payroll to all the leading payroll software systems, to save time on data entry.

Hassle-Free Quoting

Use the data gathered from the time and billing software to provide accurate quotes for jobs – you’ll never undercharge for a job again.
time tracking software review by Alexandra Petersen in New Zealand
The building industry is crazy busy, and because WorkflowMax is fast and snappy I’m able to track my time easily. It works for us perfectly.
Alexandra Petersen, Architectural Designer, Buildology / Auckland-based architecture practice

A range of options for tracking your time

We make tracking time flexible – track time your way with a time tracking tool to suit every user.

online time tracking timer


Set the buzzer and go for gold.
employee time clock software with a start & finish time

Start & finish time

Time the duration of a project.
timesheet app showing duration


Enter the hours you spend.
time tracker using Adobe

Adobe widget

Track time with the Adobe widget for Creative Suite.
mobile timesheet app


Enter time on-the-go, from anywhere in the world.
online time tracking

Desktop widget

Use a third-party product that integrates with your desktop.

Timesheeting with a view

WorkflowMax time management software allows you to view and edit timesheets in a daily or weekly view.
employee time tracking in a daily or weekly view

Timesheeting simplified with WorkflowMax

Track time your way

Everyone tracks time differently. Our employee time tracking software includes six different options for tracking time, so you can use the method that works for you.

Stay on top

Online time tracking is a great tool to help your team stay on track. Assign a certain amount of hours to each job, and receive notifications when that time is nearly used up.

One-Click Invoicing

If you invoice based on time, you can use the time billing software to automatically create an invoice from your timesheet data. Never underbill a client again!

Employee time tracking provides more detail

Online timesheeting software
  1. Assigned Jobs

    Only see the information that’s relevant to you.

  2. Lock Timesheet

    For simple employee time management, you can prevent editing after the timesheet is submitted.

  3. Job Details

    A quick overview of what’s on your desk right now. See a weekly total across all your jobs.

time tracking tool review by Ian Morris UK
By having a visual aid like a green bar that turns red, our designers are able to track how much time they have available, and being able to break that time down into tasks as well – all of that really helps my staff.
Ian Morris, Owner, Threerooms / Nottingham-based creative agency

Transform timesheets into invoices at the click of a button

time management software process: Create a job

Create a job

Set up a job and allocate tasks to different team members
time management system process: Record time

Record time

Fill in timesheets against each task in the job
time recording software process: Send Invoice

Send invoice

Provide an accurate time-based invoice in moments

How does time tracking software fit into your workflow?

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