The Ultimate Guide to Client Management

You’re a small business owner, doing what you love. You wake up every day, brimming with excitement. You can’t wait to get to work. But a few months after launching your business, you’re struggling to find and retain clients. It’s all starting to feel a little like Siberia – vast, lonely and desolate. Sound familiar? Unfortunately this is a reality for a lot of small businesses.

This guide offers some tangible tips to help you navigate that tricky, treacherous world of clients – right from lead generation and onboarding, through to relationship management, invoicing and getting paid faster – and client retention for the long haul. Written with practical insight, wisdom and the occasional glimmer of humour we hope you find it useful (and if you do...share the love!).

To your business success, The WorkflowMax team.

Chapter 1:

Finding Clients & Lead Generation

Learn how to find new clients and keep them rolling in here!


Chapter 2:

The Client Onboarding Process

A lot of businesses don’t think about client onboarding strategically – or at all. But this defined customer onboarding strategy will give your business a framework to follow.


Chapter 3:

Project Management and Planning

You’ve successfully onboarded your client but before you do any work, you need to establish the project scope, and use the right project management tools. READ MORE.


Chapter 4:

Client Relationship Management

Your job isn’t done when the sale is made - it’s only just beginning. For long-term business success you need positive client retention rates, brand loyalty and customers who sing your praises from the rooftops.


Chapter 5:

Invoicing & Getting Paid Faster

Want to get paid faster by your clients? Invoicing is one of the most crucial components of running a small business, so you shouldn't rely on a messy spreadsheet or disorderly email trails. In this chapter we look at the benefits of cloud based invoicing, and how to maximise your invoicing efficiency.