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25 Must-Read Blogs for Engineers

I know you engineers have an affinity for hard-copy industry magazines, but I’m going to take it as a good sign that because you’re here reading this post that you also see some value in the content you find online.

There is so much information out there on the internet, and I encourage you to regularly keep an eye on industry blogs that interest you. They will keep you on the pulse of what’s happening in your field - research, innovations, products, events and business inspiration - without having to actually leave the comfort of your office or armchair.

We’ve made it easy for you by compiling this list of 25 of the best blogs for you to check out - just bookmark the ones you like so you can keep going back for the latest news!

1. Australia Wide Personnel

While this is a blog from an Australian recruitment agency, they do provide regular blog posts with industry specific updates relating to employment, training and salaries in the engineering and technical industries that can be relevant to engineers working anywhere.


2. IPENZ (Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand)

No doubt your local engineers association will also have a blog that they keep updated with local engineering news, events and regulation updates. This is the official blog of IPENZ, the Institute of Professional Engineers in New Zealand, where they regularly post a variety of articles relevant to all local engineers.


3. Civil Engineer Portal

The name suggests the obvious - that this blog features informative articles and opinions relating to civil engineering news, but you’ll also find articles on the construction industry, project management, real estate and even a bit of gardening thrown in.


4. Process Industry Forum Blog

The Process Industry Forum encourages communication and connectivity between anyone working in the technical, manufacturing or design industries. It provides resources and informative articles relating to products, solutions, career and management advice, white papers and data sheets, events and suppliers.


5. Engineering Daily

The Engineering Daily covers everything engineering possible - from news, projects and jobs to brain teasers and gift ideas for engineers. Follow them on Twitter too to keep up with the latest.


6. The Engineer

The Engineer has everything you need to know about most sectors of the engineering industry, including articles, white papers, jobs, career advice and interviews with leading experts.


7. Project Manager

Anyone who works, or wants to work, in the capacity of a project manager should take a look at the articles posted on Project Manger. There is a wealth of information for professional development and upskilling when it comes to smart management.


8. Management Today

Management Today is Australia’s go-to magazine for managers. Any project manager or engineering firm director will find plenty of relevant articles, covering leadership, innovation, networking, entrepreneurship, technology and lifestyle.


9. WorkflowMax

Yip, that’s us! We regularly post articles specifically related to you engineers relating to marketing, business development and project management tips. If you haven’t already subscribed to our updates, make sure you do!


10. GrabCAD Blog

A tonne of news and tips relating to CAD, PLM and PDM information, as well as helpful resources in the form of white papers, tutorials and webinars.


11. Institute of Mechanical Engineers

UK-based IMechE offers a comprehensive website that covers a range of topics, from industry news and updates to learning and development.


12. Electronics Engineering Video Blog

David Jones is an Australian electronics engineer who shares his experiences in entertaining, enthusiastic, non-scripted video blogs - you can also follow his Youtube channel.


13. Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog

As the name suggests, the Curious Cat blog explores a range of topics related to innovation, technology, research, economics, gadgets, healthcare and science. On a lighter note, there is even a category dedicated to cats - who can resist a good cat video?


14. Toolmonger

If tools are a part of your everyday life, or you’re simply one of those people who gets really excited when you walk into a Home Depot store, then check out Toolmonger. It gives you the low down on everything tool-related.


15. I’m an Engineer

Having a bad day? Need some light relief? Check out I’m an Engineer and you’ll likely feel a little better when you see some of these engineering fails.


16. Urban Workbench

Urban Workbench is the musings of Mike and Robyn, both civil engineers: “Urban Workbench represents the intersection between civil engineering, urban planning and design”. The blog discusses a range of topics and also features some pretty awesome photographs.


17. Wit and Wisdom of an Engineer

The name of this blog says it all, with posts from author Steven Sanders covering the environment, engineering, technology and economics.


18. Steven Cerri’s Engineering Management Blog

Steven Cerri specialises in building high performance engineering teams. His career achievements put him in a pretty good position to be dishing out advice to other engineers and engineering managers, with a heap of information on leadership on his blog.


19. Engineering & Leadership

Canadian engineer, Pat Sweet, blogs about leadership in engineering, career advice and learning skills for becoming a better engineer. The site also offers a free course - 90 Days to Becoming and Engineering Ninja.


20. The Engineering Career Coach

An engineer by trade, blogger Anthony Fasano combines his knowledge with his knack for communication, leadership and networking to help engineers succeed both professionally and personally. As well as articles, he presents engineering career coach podcasts that you can subscribe to.



21. Wonderful Engineering

If you’re looking for a site to help you procrastinate, this is it. You’ll easily get sucked in to the depth of ideas, gadgets and handy lifehacks, but you’ll definitely come out learning a thing or two.


22. Interesting Engineering

Interesting Engineering collates new ideas, technologies and breakthroughs in the world of engineering, architecture and design. Again, be prepared to lose a few hours of your time looking through this fascinating site. 


23. Civil Engineering Central

Civil Engineering Central’s website is dedicated to job seekers, and those looking for qualified professionals from around the world. Their blog features articles from a bunch of engineering industry experts who contribute posts on a variety of engineering-related topics.


24. Mechanical Design Forum

This blog covers everything a mechanical design engineer would need to know, as well as CAD tutorials, calculations, manufacturing processes and #D printing and prototyping. There is also a forum where you can ask questions to fellow engineers if you need some specific advice.


25. Australian Engineering Online

The site’s description says it best: “A comprehensive Australian engineering news resource, linking consulting and construction engineers to Australia’s infrastructure projects, services and government authorities”.


Do you have any others that you read regularly? Post them in the comments below so that others in your industry can check them out too.

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