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9 Tools That Support Better Agency-Client Relationships

Utility_KnifeIt pays to build a loyal customer-base. According to research by Lee Resource, Inc. (@Lee_Resources), “attracting new customers will cost your company 5 times more than keeping an existing customer.” 

While this likely isn’t news to your agency, as with any service business, there is a constant struggle to retain and grow long-term client relationships. 

Fortunately, technologies are available that can make it simple for your agency to facilitate open dialogue, build trust and keep client relationships on track. Following are three types of tools that you can start using today.

Tools for Quick Client Feedback

Feedback from clients on how account teams are doing and their satisfaction with the level of work is essential to ensure clients feel they are getting value for their money.

Tap into these tools to consistently capture clients feedback:    

  • getfeedback: Completely customizable, visually engaging and simple surveys that can be built in minutes. View results graphically in real-time.
  • Satmetrix: The only Net Promoter Score software. Combine software, data and expertise in a comprehensive customer experience management solution. Gain key insight into every stage of the customer journey, with built-in early warning signals for at-risk clients.
  • Client Heartbeat: Survey your clients and identify which ones are unhappy based on past scores and industry data. Benchmark your performance against others in your industry and integrate data with your CRM system. 

Tools to Collaborate on Documents 

The following file sharing tools help ensure that you and your clients are always working off of the most up-to-date files. You can also centralize document feedback and offer integrations into other technologies (i.e. job management software).

  • Google Drive: Create, share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentation decks and more.
  • Box: Centrally and securely store, access and manage client documents.
  • Dropbox: Simplified, secure sharing. Save and share files and documents with your clients who can then access from their computer or mobile device. 

Tools to Keep Track of Client Deadlines

Clients shouldn’t be left in the dark as to when projects are going to be done. Keep a closer eye on your to-do list, stay on top of deadlines and ensure everything is delivered on time with the help of any of these tools:

  • WorkflowMax (shameless self plug): Manage every aspect of a project, including the owner, deadline, progress, to-dos and associated documents. The added benefit here: Projects are associated with our time tracking tool, and can automatically feed into invoices.
  • Basecamp: Track and assign deadlines with functionality to make internal and client-facing to-do lists.
  • Shared Google Calendar: Create a Google calendar, and share it with your client. Within, track project milestones and upcoming deadlines.

Let Technology Help You Build a Stronger Partnership

There are a variety of available tools that are designed to help your agency establish a strong foundation of long-term clients. Consider integrating the tools above as a way to facilitate open dialogue, build trust and keep client relationships on track.

What tools help you strengthen client relationships? Share with us in the comment section below.

Image Source: Jim Pennucci via Flickr