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Architects of Instagram: 20 Architects You Should Be Following Right Now

Yesterday we looked at some tips for architects thinking of using instagram. Today, we’re profiling 25 of the most amazing architects and designers using instagram to showcase their talents and improve their online presence. Check out these great architecture instagram feeds:

1. Julio Juarez, Darkitectura - Darkitecto

By @darkitecto

This Mexican-based firm has got instagram figured out. Not only do they share a few in-progress and finished images of their own projects, but they explore some of the interesting, colourful and culturally-important architecture and design around Mexico. A remarkable window into a different world.

2. Iwan Baan - Iwanbaan

By @iwanbaan

Architectural photographer Iwan Baan’s instagram is pretty much the snapshots of a world tour of architecture. Much of his images are aerial views, which in many ways distort the context of the buildings he’s looking at. You don’t see many truly polished images here - those are on the websites and in the pages of the big industry names. But you do see a human element to the buildings and landscapes - angles aren’t quite perfect, people are in the way. It’s a really interesting dynamic.

3. The_architext

By @the_architext

Based around Paris and Athens, the_architext’s images will definitely make you swoon for a bit of European travel. He’s a fan of abandoned buildings and empty beaches, and manages to make even the most mundane spaces appear mysterious and otherworldly.

4. Lee. F Mindel - leemindel


By @leemindel

Lee F. Mindel is a columnist from archdigest.com, and his instagram showcases some postcard-perfect images from remarkable sites around the world. Opulent details, modern sensibilities and an eye for a beautifully balenced image, Lee is definitely an interesting character to follow.

5. Alexandra Lange - langealexandra

By @langealexandra

An architecture critic by trade, Alexandra Lange is infamous in the architectural instagram community as the author of this article: How Architects are Misusing Social Media. Her own instagram feed is filled with a whole mix of out-and-about architecture, everyday musings on life, and beautiful design elements.

6. Jasper Conran - jasperconran

By @jasperconran

A London-based designer with a truly English sensibility, Jasper Conran’s instagram is a haven of decadence for anyone who loves a bit of Wuthering Heights romance. Everything he posts makes me want to run out an buy a crumbling manor house.

7. Brian Slocum - adhocism

By @adhocism

Mexico-based architect Brian Slocum’s feed explores what architizer refers to as “Geekitecture” - stripping down buildings to their most basic mathematical parts. His spartan, geometric images are a constant reminder that there is beauty in simplicity.

8. Jimmy Stamp, Life Without Buildings - lifesansbldgs

By @lifesansbldgs

Jimmy Stamp describes himself as a “recovering architect and accidental historian”. His instagram looks at images of ancient and historical buildings. What I love about his images is the way he chooses compositions and subjects that give an architectural and historical content - part of the story is evident in the image, without him having to add commentary. He also includes lots of drawings and historical documents, which are quite interesting in their own right.

9. Fernando Guerra - fernandogguerra

by @fernandogguerra

As a Lisbon-based architectural photographer, Fernando Guerra loves to document the different architecture he encounters during work or play. His work shows a tremendous use of light and contrast, and he intersperses architecture with other images from his travels and life. A fascinating look into the thought-process of a world-renowned photographer.

10. Julien de Smedt -juliendesmedt

By @juliendesmedt

Founder of JDS Architects and Makers with Agendas, Julien has a passion for beautiful and practical design and architecture, and this passion comes through in his images. Rich with experiences and concepts, his instagram is a source of neverending inspiration and thought-provoking vignettes.

11. Vivien Wei Wei Lui - vdubl

By @vdubl

Vivien’s instagram concerns cityscapes viewed in a new and interesting light. A fantastic and experimental photographer, she captures often stark and uninteresting buildings in a new light. Follow for inspiring new ways to capture urban landscapes and an example of how to do instagram RIGHT.

12. Sam Grawe - grawsome


by @grawsome

The former editor of Dwell, Sam has an intrinisic eye for modern design and architecture. When he's not snapping pictures of buildings and interiors, Sam records music with Hatchback, so you'll see lots of musical inspired images, too.

13. Shop Architects - shoparchitects

By @shoparchitects

This NYC firm was named 2013 AD Innovators, and they are all over instagram being awesome. See behind-the-scenes videos from some of their projects (including Brooklyn’s B2 tower), awe-inspiring cityscapes, and some clever hashtagging - including their very own invention - #archmodelmonday.

14. Pedro Kok - kokpedro

By @kokpedro

Kok’s tagline is “architectural photography, bikes and coffee”, and that’s a pretty accurate account of what’s in his feed. Follow along on his jaunts around Brazil as he records some of the unique features and cityscapes of the architecture there. Some beautiful inspiration with many images having more of a “lived in” feeling than other instagram architects.

15. Alex Papchristidis - alexsviewpoint

By @alexsviewpoint

Decorator to the stars, Alex documents his adventures from far-flung locates. His feed features bold artwork, decadent spaces and beautiful colours. He has an eye for dazzling details - whether he’s photographing buildings or interior details or design features or fashion. His much-loved Yorkshire terrier, Teddy, appears in many shots.

16. trash - trashhand

By @trashhand

Chicago based, impossibly cool, the trashhand instagram is awash with perfectly composed cityscapes, brutal architectural details, and cool-looking people doing stylish photoshoots. You can tell these guys live and love their aesthetic and are mad about design. I love the gritty, street-trash quality of their images.

17. Trina Salamet - soybeanbun

By @soybeanbun

OK, this one is purely for fun. Trina is a NYC-based architectural designer, but her feed is mostly dedicated to images of fluffy critters. She also posts cool pics from the NYC archtecture scene, and occasionally, yummy food.

18. Alexander Gorlin - alexgorlin

By @alexgorlin

Miami architect Alexander Gorlin has a distinctly American style, which is both refreshing and articulate. He loves futurism, Miami cityscapes, and finding unusual and thought-provoking angles to shoot a building. Also, if you want a great example of an architect using filters to great effects, then Gorlin’s feed is a treasure-trove of instagram hits.

19. Shauna Haider - Nubbytwiglet

by @nubbytwiglet

Shauna is a Portland-based graphic designer, and her design sensibility permeates every aspect of her life. Her feed is a constant source of design and architectural inspiration, from beautifully crafted signage to geometric elements in buildings and rooms. Her style is fiercely monochrome with the occasional burst of colour, giving her a distinct and curated view of the world around her.

20. Yuko Mouton - yukomouton

By @yukomouton

Japanese fashion designer Yuko Mouton is known for her almost architectural approach to fashion, and so it’s no surprise that her instagram is dedicated to all sorts of design elements, including a heavy focus on modern and futuristic architecture. A lovely dose of daily inspiration from Japan. Which architects are you following on Instagram?


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