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The Unconventional Guide to Work

Life’s too short to be bored at work. We can help.

Work & Wander

Live an adventurous life with tools and tips to telecommute, run a business from the cloud, and work from far-flung locales

10 Business Automation Tips For a Worry-Free Holiday

Your freshly decorated tree stands proudly in the living room, fairy lights twinkle at the local mall, your colleagues have started planning their holidays.  Yep, the build up to Christmas is a...

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How To Keep Your Data Safe When Working Remotely

More people than ever work remotely, at least part of the week. Here at WorkflowMax, many of our users – and even some of our team – work remotely all across the globe. I myself work from my off-grid...

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6 Tips for Managing Your Agency's Virtual Team

Ah, freelancers. As an account manager, they are either the light of your life, or the bane of your existence. Freelancers can save your ass when a project scales beyond your team's capacity, or they...

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Working Over Christmas? Fifteen Ways To Stay Productive

Pudding, relatives (and depending what part of the world you’re in), BBQs and plenty of beer. Holidays are distracting and awesome, but not so much if you still have a whole heap of work to get...

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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a ‘Work From Anywhere Week’

Are your staff turning up late, grouchy and stressed? Do they have a distant look in their eyes (like they’d rather be anywhere else)? Is your turnover rate on the rise?

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Stay on Task Working from Home: 8 Powerful Time Tracking Apps

Let’s be honest, there’s a dark side to working from home. You’re wearing your most comfy pair of pants (or no pants at all), you’ve found a nice cushy spot on the couch and the sun’s streaming in,...

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Building Your Virtual Freelance Creative Team: A Five Step Guide

Back before I started writing articles for WorkflowMax, I used to run my own agency. This was an agency without an office, unless the desk in the corner of our living room my cats used as a hammock...

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Tips for Freelancers: How To Maximise Your Remote Working Experience

Freelancing doesn’t have to mean rolling out of bed and working out of your pajamas. (But hey, if that’s how you groove, that’s cool too). Remote working can be way more than that today, thanks to...

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How to work more effectively with WorkflowMax for iOS – when you’re on-the-go

Whether your job requires you to work remotely or you just want a change of scene, the WorkflowMax iOS app makes it easier to embrace working on-the-go. But despite your best intentions, when you’re...

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The Ultimate List Of Apps For Working Remotely

Here at WorkflowMax we love working remotely – so much so that we’ve dedicated an entire category of the blog to it. One of the major advantages of working in the cloud is the ability to do it from...

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