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In early 2010, Architect, Michael Bennington, took the plunge and fulfilled his long-held desire to be self-employed. Active Architecture, based in Porirua, New Zealand, is now evolving from a small architectural design studio to a growing, progressive business that provides environmentally responsible architectural solutions.

Working solo in his business meant Michael needed to find an efficient job management solution to help him keep on top of administration. After becoming frustrated with cumbersome, siloed software, he wanted one system that linked his whole workflow process together. Michael discovered WorkflowMax around two years ago, and it proved to be just the solution he needed.

3 challenges Active Architecture faced before implementing WorkflowMax



Active Architecture was using multiple pieces of software to manage the business. They needed one solution that effortlessly linked the workflow process together.


Director, Michael, could only access his software and project data on one device. He wanted to be able to access one system on multiple devices, from wherever he needed to work.

Business intelligence

Active Architecture’s existing processes did not provide insights for budgeting and forward planning that were necessary for Michael to continue to grow his business.

How WorkflowMax has saved administration time

End-to-end flow of data

3 things Active Architecture love about WorkflowMax:


Seamless flow of data

WorkflowMax is an all-in-one integrated solution that makes job management simple and efficient.



WorkflowMax takes the guess work out of budgeting and forward planning.


WorkflowMax is a scalable solution that will grow as my business does.

Business insights for growth

What would you say to other architecture practices considering using WorkflowMax?

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