Communication & Consistency Drives Windowmakers' Success



Windowmakers is a leading window and door manufacturing company based in Auckland. At the helm is director, Heidi Johnston, a savvy business owner who understands the importance of creating efficient business systems that benefit both the company, and her customers.

Since taking over the business 12 years ago, Heidi has worked hard to establish streamlined processes. She wanted to find workflow software that complemented their existing operations. “We’re very process driven - from when a customer has their first contact with us, right through to the end. When we discovered WorkflowMax, we found that it fitted perfectly with the way we operated.”

Here's how Windowmakers have ensured WorkflowMax works for them:

Actionable insight

Consistency for the customer

3 ways a set-up partner helped Windowmakers



Will has made instructional videos for us, so there’s a visual on how to do different tasks.


It meant we could nail it straight away, whereas if we had tried to allocate in-house resources it would probably have dragged out for two years.

Streamlined processes

For him there was no limit to what we could do, and he knew a whole lot of stuff that we wouldn’t have known.

Pumping the business to the next level

What would you say to other manufacturing firms thinking of using WorkflowMax?

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