APT Training’s administration time halved with the help of WorkflowMax

weekly admin hours saved
less time spent invoicing

For a complex business like Australian hydraulics training and engineering company, APT Training, time is of the essence. So when director, Kyle Probert, and his team saw how much time was being taken up with double handling information in the business, they went in search of a system that would eliminate their administration bottlenecks.

They discovered WorkflowMax after shifting their accounting system to Xero. Now, they couldn’t be without the job management software which has become the central hub of the whole business.

3 challenges APT Training were facing before WorkflowMax:



“Recording billable time and making sure we’re actually invoicing the time we should be invoicing.”


“Quotes were based on what we thought the work would be worth.”

Reporting & Analysis

“We had no real data. We didn’t really measure how we were going against our quotes

Admin processes streamlined

Accuracy adds to bottom line

3 reasons APT Training recommend WorkflowMax



The mobile friendly version of WorkflowMax means staff can record costs and hours in real time while on site.


Moving to cloud-based job and accounting software has given staff more flexibility in where they work - so they don’t need to be at the office.

Real-time data

Staff have access to client contact information right in the palm of their hands.

Invoicing is a breeze

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