Do you know which of your jobs are the most profitable? Or where your business makes and loses money? With powerful online reporting, you can get detailed, actionable business insights at the click of a button.

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Grow your business / Xero Interface

Valuable business insights at your fingertips

Business intelligence reporting

Your data, your way

If it’s about your business and you want to know the answer, you can generate a report and … voila!

Simple process, powerful results

It only takes a few clicks to have whatever information you want about your business right in front of you.

Profitable customers

See which customers generate the most income, so you can send them a Christmas ham.

You can build it

With the powerful report builder, you can create your own custom reports and slice and dice your data however you like.

Clive Weston
As a reporting tool, WorkflowMax carries huge value, because you can splice and dice the data however you like. You can ask WorkflowMax to do triple back flips and it will.
Clive Weston, Practice Manager, Cymon Allfrey Architects / Christchurch-based architecture practice

Choose from a range of reports or build your own

Complex reporting simplified

A custom report allows you to find exactly what you are looking for. Combined with custom fields it is the most flexible way of tracking your business data.
How reporting works in WorkflowMax

The power of WorkflowMax reporting is in the integration

Custom fields

Add custom fields to your jobs, clients and leads. When you run reports, you can add these extra fields to draw out whatever information you need.

Own your data

No tricks, no tomfoolery. Your data in the cloud remains the property of your company. With WorkflowMax, you’re in control.

We protect and serve

We invest heavily in protecting your data from malicious attacks & system failures. We’re one step ahead of the crooks. Your data is safe with us.
Andrew Ferguson
The power of the reporting tool really surprised me. I have two reports that I’ve saved as favorites – Invoice reports to show me what has been billed and what has been collected. Occasionally I'll create a new custom report on the fly.
Eric Catania, CEO, Digital Reality / Florida-based IT services

How does reporting fit into your workflow?

No credit card required.