Help That Counts

Help That Counts brings insight into your business operations and capacity through systems analysis and redesign. With integrated, streamlined systems and training, you and your staff can move to a whole new level of operational success, profitability, and calculated growth. With over 15 years of experience and knowledge of accounting and project management in the design and construction industries, Karen Brady excels at finding what is in the way of your company and its goals, and what can be done about it. She knows how to work with you and your staff to build a system that makes the work experience more rewarding.


Karen is an engaged and dedicated financial adviser to our business. She is responsive and resourceful and takes the time to really listen to understand how our business operates and functions to be of the most support. Her work has imparted a noticeable positive improvement to our bottom line and has provided the personal accountability our team needed for taking care of financial analysis. We are lucky to be working with her and consider her a part of our success.
Help That Counts - WorkflowMax Advisor