The Digital CPA

101 S Garland Av, Suite 108 Orlando, FL 32801
As digital CPA's, we don't just care about your numbers. We also care about the software and systems that deliver them. And we make sure that these never lag behind, but stay right ahead of the game. How We Work We identify your pain points It could be as simple as slow software, as pitiful as poor processes, a bank rec that takes hours out of your day, or some speed wobbles that trip you up. Our tech audit will pin-point the problem so we can put a fix-it plan in place. Next... . We find you the best software Nothing is worse than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. But there's software out there to suit every company. The challenge is finding someone who has the know-how and the IT skills - but you've already done the hard part. Someone who not only connects the dots, but completes the overall picture too. So... We implement & train We'll set you up on all the suggested software and recommended Add-ons and then train you in all you need to know. And if you happen to have a wobble or something just isn't connecting up... We advise & support We're there when you need us. We aim to respond quickly to your questions by phone, email and Skype. And if you want to keep up-to-date on the latest of Xero and its Add-ons, we can do that too.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jay to anyone needing a committed business partner for computer and software expertise. This allows me to be in the field doing what I do best! Jay does my taxes, built the infrastructure of my back office and now maintains all my accounting transactions. This allows me to be in the field doing what I do best!
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