With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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The WorkflowMax Partner Program Gets a Facelift; Updates and Changes

Late last year the team got together and conducted a review of our partner program. We discussed the effectiveness of the program at length, interviewed some of our current partners and locked ourselves away for a good period of time to think about how to make the program better for everyone involved. 

Out of this review came the need to align our partner program more closely to the core businesses of our partners. For example, if you are an accountant, how can we help give you the training and tools to provide better business advisory to your clients?

What we decided to do was split our Partner program so we can provide tailored content and training to our business advisors and different, specific content to our IT professional partners. 

“That’s cool,” I hear you say, “But where does my company fit in?” We have a quick explanation for you below.

WorkflowMax Advisors:

workflowmax advisors

If your core business is Accounting, Bookkeeping or Business consulting services and you want to use WorkflowMax to assist the advisory services you are offering your clients - you are a WorkflowMax Advisor.

Using WorkflowMax reports, you are looking to provide ongoing, regular business advice and unlock the full potential of your clients’ business.

WorkflowMax IT Set Up Partners:

workflowmax IT partners

If your core business is IT and you are an expert at scoping out client’s needs, matching a solution to those needs and implementing that solution - you are a WorkflowMax Set Up Partner. You will be able to manage a project from the initial scoping through to the data conversion, training and any ongoing support.

Having two streams in our new partner program means that advisors and set up partners can work together to offer a complete solution. Advisors can refer clients to set up partners (and vice versa) to get the best outcome for their clients, driving productivity and keeping everyone smiling.

Now you have identified where you fit, the next question is “what are the benefits?”

WorkflowMax Advisors - What you get:

  • Ongoing 20% commission on your clients WorkflowMax subscription.
  • Tailored, specific and free training focussing on becoming a better business advisor.
  • Priority support from our always available support team.
  • Free webinars, tutorials, videos and other types of content to help you improve your business advisory services.
  • Listing on workflowmax.com.

WorkflowMax Set Up Partners - What you get:

  • Comprehensive training on all aspects of implementing WorkflowMax.
  • Priority support.
  • The opportunity to receive leads from WorkflowMax.com.

We will also introduce a partner community, where all of you can engage with partners from around the world, collaborate, ask questions and connect with other partners.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, we certainly think so.

If you’re an existing partner or advisor and you’ve got questions about the new program, join us in one of our free WorkflowMax Advisor Training Webinars.

If you’re looking for an advisor or partner to help you in your business, then you find one near you.


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Tim Dowling
Tim is responsible for making sure our clients are looked after in the initial stage of their journey. He helps clients determine their needs, runs product demonstrations and responds to queries. When he’s not helping small businesses, he’s keeping fit, going to the footy (Aussie Rules) or out camping in the bush.

Tim Dowling