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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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Tip of the Week: Too many tasks in your project? Folders may be the answer!

In WorkflowMax, tasks are the key components of your jobs - the more tasks you have, the more visibility and control you have of the work. But there’s a downside - all your tasks will appear under the job's Information tab, as a list - maybe a very long list.

And although the tasks are usually listed in the order they will be completed, there is no obvious grouping - making it hard to spot how they relate to key stages in the project.

This is where folders come in. With folders, you can organise your tasks (and the milestones, costs, documents and notes that relate to them) into neat, logical groupings. As an added bonus, grouping tasks into folders allows you to report on progress – and financials – of the tasks on a folder by folder basis. Even better, you can add a set of default folders to your job templates, making it easy to set up consistent task grouping from one job to the next.

Sounds useful? To get started setting up folders, just open a job in the Job Manager. You'll notice the folders pane, to the left of the screen.


Follow the Manage link. The Manage Folders tab lists all the milestones, tasks, costs, notes and documents currently associated with the job.

In the Folder Name field, name your first folder and Save. The folder immediately appears in the Folders pane.

Now scroll down the Manage Folders tab and select the checkbox next to the items you want to put in that first folder, and Save. The name of the folder you've allocated them to appears under the Folders column, at right.

Create more folders and allocate items, as required. Once you have set up your folders, they'll look something like this.


Folders are specific to each job, so it's easy to ensure that your documents and other items are just where you need them to be.

Click on a folder to view the items in that folder, and to go back to the overview of all your items on the Manage Folders tab, simply follow the Manage link at any time.

You can easily move items between folders. Just open the Manage Folder tab and select the item (or items) you want to move to a specific folder. Then, in the Folder Name drop-down, select the folder you want to move the items to, and Save.


To find out more about setting up and using WorkflowMax folders, watch the video on job folders (1 min 56 sec.). And for further details, look at the WorkflowMax support centre topic on Folders.

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Steve Moss
Steve is a member of the education team at WorkflowMax. He has been a technical writer since 1988, and has extensive experience in the computer industry in software support, development and training. Steve is an Information Mapping certified instructor and is particularly interested in editing and the development of online learning material. In 2013, Steve completed an MA in technical communication through Sheffield Hallam University. He is based in Auckland.

Steve Moss