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Building Construction

Builders and Construction Companies - What do You Need on Your Website?

I once took on a copywriting job for a construction company. They had been operating successfully for 35 years without so much as a website. Now, one of their largest contracts was requiring them to...

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Builders - Do You Ever Have Clients Tell You "Your Price Is Too High"?

  "Your price is too high" is a tired old line that your customers have been trained to use to get you, the builder, to pull back on your margins. We have so many builders telling us that they are...

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Builders - What’s Holding Your Business Back?

If you’re a builder who has been in business a while, then here's a story I think you'll find interesting - and perhaps even relate to. I started working with a builder recently to help him boost...

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Builders - is it time to implement job management software in your construction business?

A recent survey from Software Advice, a company that helps construction software buyers find the right vendor(s), has offered insight into the preferences and pain points of prospective buyers who...

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Can Personality Profiling Create a More Effective Workforce?

You’ve scouted around and found clever employees who are very capable at their role... but are you truly getting the best out of them? Your business success relies on a fully engaged, productive and...

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Get the Word Out & New Business In: How to Build Your Referral Marketing Strategy

You want to impress clients for lots of reasons: to take pride in a job well done, for the promise of repeat business, and—maybe most importantly—in hopes that they’ll refer you to a colleague in...

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Is the Press Release Still Relevant in the Digital World?

Here’s a question that I’ve been wondering about for a while: ‘Is the press release still relevant?’ It would be easy to assume, with social media giving us the ability to rapidly disseminate...

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Grab your popcorn, it’s showtime. WorkflowMax TV is here!

More reality than the Kardashians, more compelling than CSI, more addictive than Masterchef… OK, maybe not quite, but nevertheless, WorkflowMax TV is now here and we know it would take home the Emmy...

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Tip of the Week: Use custom fields to record important client data

Did you know that creating custom fields in your contacts allows you to record any information you want against clients, leads and suppliers? But why, exactly, is that so awesome? Here are four...

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5 Awesome Benefits Job Management Software Will Deliver to Your Clients

Often the motivation behind implementing job management or workflow management software largely comes from the positive impact it will have on your business operations - things such as improved...

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