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Sydney, Australia

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About Us

TradiePad are Cloud Integrators specialising in the Trades and Services sector.

We help business owners build their own tailored Business Operating Platform combining mobile devices, apps and cloud solutions.

We then pull it all together with a customised setup and training service and provide ongoing support to help the business embrace these new tools and use them to their potential.

Let us help you discover how this technology can transform your operations.



"We contacted TradiePad and did a scoping session with Clinton Cowin (TradiePad CEO) which was brilliant. Clinton discussed our workflows and processes, and the bottlenecks in our business, and then recommended and demonstrated Workflowmax for us. After that he sent a very detailed proposal covering info on the software as well as costings for implementation and training (and support). We were very happy with the whole TradiePad process, but found another Workflowmax integrator who was "slightly" cheaper than TradiePad and so went with them. Murray (TradiePad GM) did suggest to me to make sure that whoever we picked to do the integration was experienced with builders, as some integrators specialise in particular industries, while others may not have much "real world" experience with the software, or how it relates practically to a particular business. I wish I had listened to Murray! We ended up wasting valuable time (and money), and eventually called TradiePad to come in a fix the mess the others had left. Clinton came to us onsite and worked his magic and now Workflowmax is operating exactly as it should, and our business is running smoothly and efficiently. THANKS TRADIEPAD"